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In this post, the company MATELCO, which provides the market with advanced technology equipment for automation and control of industrial processes, shows us how one of its solutions for water treatment works, using technology based on a cavitated air flotation system – CAF.

Unlike our DAF dissolved air flotation system, our cavitation air flotation system is based on the injection of microbubbles directly into the wastewater flow, without prior air supply.

In the first aeration section, the aerator draws air from the environment, which descends through the central shaft of the aerator and is introduced in the form of microbubbles directly into the wastewater flow. During their ascent, the microbubbles adhere to the suspended solids, dragging them to the surface where they remain in a buoyant state.

At this point, the rake-blades sweep the floating solids, greases, oils, suspensions and colloids, driven by a set of chains, and convey them to the discharge channel. Once there, the auger collects and transports the solids to a sludge container.

What is caf

Created on February 7, 1968, it began operating in June 1970. It is currently made up of 19 countries from Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and 13 private banks. It is one of the main sources of multilateral financing and an important generator of knowledge for the region.

Its main activities are: acting as a financial intermediary, mobilizing resources from industrialized countries to the region, financing the development of productive infrastructure, promoting development, fostering trade and investment, and supporting the business sector.

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The decision to open its capital stock to other partners in Latin America and the Caribbean in the early 1990s was an important event that expanded CAF’s integrationist vocation and its operational base beyond the Andean borders.

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The cavitated air flotation system (CAF) is an important complement when there is a large amount of grease to be eliminated before the homogenization process, avoiding the entry of large amounts of grease to the homogenizers and subsequent treatment with a dissolved air flotation system (DAF).

We can also comment that the cavitated air flotation machine (CAF) is composed of a box, an aerator and a sludge scraping system. Without pressure vessels, air compressors and circulating pumps, the cavitated air flotation machine can reduce the consumption of electric power.

The chains and wheels of the sludge scraper made of DAF system made by BETTER EPT show quality from the materials used, which are made of nylon material, which provides these 2 high mechanical strength, as well as high wear resistance and shock absorption, and good effectiveness in separating the solid and liquid from the sludge scraping area.

Andean Development Corporation (caf)

Article L.512-1 of the Social Security Code states: “Any person of French nationality or of foreign nationality residing in France who has one or more dependent children residing in France shall receive family benefits for these children.

Persons who assume the effective and permanent burden (food, lodging and clothing) of legitimate, natural, adopted or fostered children, whose age is limited to: * The limits indicated concern the following: * The limits indicated concern the age of the child or children who have been adopted or fostered, whose age is limited to: * The limits indicated concern the age of the child or children whose age is limited to:

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*The limits indicated concern couples with a single source of income and a dependent child. The increased limit applies if it is a single person or if both parents have income. The income taken into account is that which was received in 2019.

The increased monthly amount of the PreParE is €655.11. It can be paid to a parent who has at least 3 children, when he or she has completely stopped working. Its amount is higher than the basic PreParE but its payment period is shorter.