Hydrostatic Test Certificate

Multipurpose Multipurpose Flexible Rubber Air Hose Multipurpose Flexible Rubber Air Hose Industry High Pressure Air Hose Product Features 1&period Material&colon The inner tube is made of SBR or NR&semi OR SBR& NR blend&semi The outer cover is made of SBR or NR&semi OR SBR& NR blend&semi The outer cover is made of SBR or NR&semi OR SBR& NR blend&semi The outer cover is made of SBR or NR&semi OR SBR& NR blend&period 2&period outer cover is made of SBR or NR&semi OR SBR& NR blend&period 2&period Application&colon For conveying Air at high pressure of water or Liquid&period 3&period Color&colon Black&comma red&comma blue&comma green&comma yellow&comma white&comma grey&period 4&period Temperature&colon – 25ºC~70ºC 5&period StructureOne or two layers of fiber mesh reinforcement&period Specification of Water Hose&colon Product Application For Conveying High Pressure Air or Liquid Water&period Show product of Rubber Air Hose > > > Free samples available&excl Exposure show If you have any questions&comma please feel free to contact us&excl

Certification of Height Equipment

With our expertise, experience, resources and worldwide network of certified inspectors, we are uniquely positioned to offer you independent certification of pressure equipment. We also develop acceptance and market access strategies during the product planning and development phase. That’s why we are the ideal partner during every phase of your pressure equipment, from planning to manufacturing and operation.

Contact us today to find out how our pressure equipment certification services can help you meet the unique requirements of the country in which you will be operating.

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Fire Extinguisher Hydrostatic Test Certificate

FDA21 CFR 177.2600Rubber articles for repeated use may be safely used in the production, manufacture, packaging, processing, preparation, treatment, transportation or handling of food.

ABRASION ISO 4649The rubber used for the manufacture of hoses is determined by means of a cylindrical drum device thus indicating the abrasion resistance of the rubber used.

ISO 3821Standard according to specifications required for rubber hoses for welding, cutting and other similar processes. A temperature range – 20º C to + 60º C and a working pressure of 20 bar.

What is high pressure certified? online

High Pressure Fabric Fire Fighting Hose Reel ISO9001/CCCF CertificateIntroductionFire hose is a high pressure hose used to carry water or other flame retardant (such as foam) to a fire to extinguish it. Outdoors, it is attached to a fire engine or fire hydrant. Indoors, it can be permanently attached to a building’s power column or plumbing system. The material of the hose can be PVC fire hose, rubber fire hose, canvas fire hose. The hose fits different occasions with a service pressure range of 8-25 bar. We supply single layer fire hose, double layer hose with PVC lining, EPDM rubber lining, EPDM rubber lining, etc.

Firstly, we need to know the specification in details, and then we need to check with our technology department. We will give customers satisfying reply as soon as possible.

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