Procedure for secure access to information systems

No organization can guarantee an absolute level of protection. However, with an Information Security Management System, you will ensure that information security risks are known, owned, managed and minimized.

In 1986, statistician and academic William Edwards Deming unveiled a continuous improvement strategy that can be applied to both establishing and managing an ISMS. It is a cyclical process called PHVA: plan, do, check and act.

The implementation of an Information Security Management System is an action that must be carried out strategically. It also requires the participation of the entire organization, including the support and leadership of the management.

What is meant by information security impact?

This is the process by which any type of risk or threat to an organization’s information is identified, understood, evaluated and mitigated.

What is a process control?

Process Control is a term that refers to the supervision and verification of variables inherent in every process to reduce variability in the final product, decrease costs, increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of an organization.

What are the network security policies?

Security policy is a set of rules that apply to system activities and communications resources belonging to an organization. … It provides a basis for security planning when designing new applications or extending the current network.

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IT security measures and procedures

Organization of the Information and Communication Technologies Security at the University of Seville, which develops the organizational structure of the ICT Security necessary to verify and supervise the correct implementation and maintenance of the security requirements established by the Government Team for ICT. It complements and develops what is contained in the Information Security Policy in relation to point 5 “Security Organization”.

Procedure for the secure bastioning of computer equipment and Information Systems, to ensure the configuration of the systems at the University of Seville prior to their implementation in production, in order to reduce their vulnerabilities.

What is network security?

Network security is the set of strategies, processes and technologies designed to protect a company’s network from damage and unauthorized access.

What are network security policies?

Defining a network security policy means developing procedures and plans that safeguard network resources against loss and damage, therefore it is very important to analyze the following aspects, among others: Determine the organization’s objectives and guidelines.

Why is information security so important?

The importance of IT security for companies lies essentially in the fact that the malicious use of their private information systems and internal resources can have disastrous consequences in all areas of the organization, resulting in both productive and financial problems.

Occupational health and safety procedures

One of the greatest risks to which organizations are exposed is to suffer cyber-attacks or information theft.  This is why you must be prepared for any eventuality that may arise of this type.

Cybersecurity: is the development of business capabilities to defend and anticipate cyber threats in order to protect and secure data, systems and applications in cyberspace that are essential for the operation of the entity.

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Cyber attack or cyber attack: organized or premeditated criminal action by one or more agents that use cyberspace services or applications or are the target of the same or where cyberspace is a source or tool for committing a crime.

Risk assessment: measuring the probability of occurrence and impact considering threats and vulnerabilities, so that efficient controls can be generated to reduce risk.

Action plans: a risk treatment plan that identifies the appropriate management action, resources, responsibilities and priorities for managing information security risks.

What is the importance of information security?

Information security is based on the premise that data is the new great value and treasure of the new reality, since mishandling it can be catastrophic for governments, companies and even for individuals who handle sensitive data online.

What are the threats that affect information security?

Theft of information. Destruction of information. Cancellation of the operation of the systems. Identity theft, disclosure of personal or confidential data, change of information…

How is information security classified?

Confidential: when the level of confidentiality of the information is increased. Restricted: for medium levels of confidentiality. Internal use: information with a low level of confidentiality. Public: when everyone can see the information.

What is information security

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is basically a set of information management policies. To understand in more depth what an ISMS is, we must start from the definition given by the international standard ISO/IEC 27000:

It is a systematic approach to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and improve an organization’s information security and achieve its business and/or service objectives.

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There are some terms here that are relevant to define and clarify, among them, how is an information asset defined? An Information Asset in the context of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard is: “something that an organization values and therefore must protect”. The protection of these assets is intended to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. In addition, it can encompass other properties such as authenticity, accountability and reliability. In the following, we will discuss what each of these terms means in relation to information:

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