Automatic machines for data treatment or processing

Table egg producers supply society with eggs in all their forms, often a life-sustaining food source for human beings all over the world. What is our role in this?

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What is a machine in a company?

3. MACHINES – A set of devices combined to receive a certain form of energy and transform it into a more suitable one, or to produce a certain effect. 4.

What is food processing equipment?

Thus, over the years, different models of Food Processing Equipment have been created, which are responsible for assisting the set of procedures performed by different points of a production chain, plus transportation, of course, the sale, and finally the consumption, all for the purpose of improving the quality of the food…

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What is the automatic machine for information processing?

A COMPUTER (computer) is a set of machines, intercommunicated between them, capable of performing an automatic processing of information following the instructions of a program. … The set of physical elements that make up a computer is called HARDWARE.

Machines for processing

We could provide whole sets of tea processing machines, such as CTC tea processing machines, green tea processing machines, black tea processing machines, dark tea processing machines, oolong tea processing machines, dark tea processing machines, herbal tea processing machines and so on.

Tea processing machinesinclude tea drying machines, tea fixing machines, tea rolling machines, tea kneading machines, tea unblocking machines, tea fermentation machines, tea molding machines, tea drying machines, tea grading machines, etc.

Established in 2003, Quanzhou Deli Agroforestrial Machinery Co.,Ltd. integrating development and production together, located in the hometown. of Tieguan yin-Anxi, specialized in manufacturing and marketing agricultural equipment such as tea harvester, trimmer, knapsack power sprayer, brush saw and tea processing assembly equipment, totally more than more than 30 varieties in five main categories.

What is a machine and equipment?

Work equipment is used in all production processes. They are defined as any machine, apparatus, instrument or installation used in the work. … On the other hand, a group of machines operating simultaneously, for example, a washing and bottling line, is considered a plant.

How to describe a machine?

A machine is a set of mobile and fixed elements whose operation makes it possible to harness, direct, regulate or transform energy, or to perform work for a specific purpose.

What is automatic in computer science?

Automation consists of using technology to perform tasks almost without the need for people. It can be implemented in any industry where repetitive tasks are performed.

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Food machines

84.71 Automatic data-processing machines and units thereof; magnetic or optical readers, machines for recording data on data media in coded form and machines for the processing of such data, not elsewhere specified or included.

8471.30 Automatic data-processing machines, portable, weighing not more than 10 kg, consisting of at least a central processing unit, a keyboard and a display.

8471.50 Processing units, other than those of subheading 8471.41 or 8471.49, whether or not comprising in the same housing one or two of the following types of units: a memory unit, an input unit and an output unit.

Automatic data-processing machines are machines capable of providing, by means of logical operations linked to one another and following one another in a predetermined order (program), information directly usable or capable of serving themselves, in certain cases, as data for other data-processing operations.


We understand by INFORMATION PROCESSING the operations that people do with information. These operations can be very varied, for example: – Reading, writing, copying, translation, transmission… … …. The way of performing information processing has evolved over time.

What is automatic information?

The word is, in turn, an acronym for information and automatique. Thus, informatics refers to the automatic processing of information by means of electronic devices and computer systems.

What is the difference between equipment and machinery?

Tool: Instrument, usually made of iron or steel, with which craftsmen work. Equipment: Collection of utensils, instruments and special apparatus for a finished purpose.

Food processing equipment pdf

Soft dough pieces include more air bulbs inside compared to standard bread. Therefore, the weight of dough pieces could be different from each other. That is why the products produced by the machine should be sold by weighing.

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Launch of the new ATS website. You can find more information about our company, the products and services we offer on the latest website. Feel free to contact us with your requests, questions and comments.

Launch of the new ATS website. You can find more information about our company, the products and services we offer on the latest website. Do not hesitate to contact us for your requests, questions and comments.

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