What is the importance of manuals?

Classification of the manuals

– To understand the plan of organization on the part of all its members, as well as of its own roles and pertinent relations- To regulate the study, approval and publication of the modifications and changes that are made within the organization in general or some of its component elements- To determine the responsibility of each work position and its relation with the other members of the organization- To clearly delimit the responsibilities of each work area and to avoid inter-structural conflicts- Undoubtedly the elaboration and use of Administrative Manuals has its limitations. Clearly delimit the responsibilities of each work area and avoid inter-structural conflictsUndoubtedly the elaboration and use of Administrative Manuals has its limitations which in relation to the benefits described are of minor importance:- Their design and updating has a high cost in terms of time and money. They have a limiting effect on personnel initiative because they are sometimes excessively rigid and formal. The objectives of the Administrative Manuals can cause confusion because they are very broad in content- Some of them are difficult to interpret and understand, which can cause confusion among personnel when performing their functions- Staff resistance to using the manuals because they are unattractive and in most cases voluminous in content- In some cases the unions use the Manuals as a tool to protect their rights, i.e., they do nothing additional if they are not duly established in the Manual.

What is the importance of a manual?

Procedure manuals are the best tool, suitable to capture the process of specific activities within an organization in which policies, legal aspects, procedures and controls are specified to carry out activities in an effective and efficient manner.

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What is the importance of manuals in organizations?

The organization and functions manual is an important piece in every organization, since it is a document that establishes in detail the functions, requirements, relationships, dependence and coordination of each job position; therefore, its implementation should be fundamental so that each job position can be performed in a more efficient and effective way, and …

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Contents of a procedures manual

Manuals is a guide that allows us to know the work procedures that exist within a Franchise, also in which we can find the “know-how” that the company uses to function properly.

In the manuals we can observe the basic elements that make up a Franchise; brand, technology, standardization and the aforementioned know-how. Transmitting this information ensures a high percentage of the Franchise’s success.

The manuals address all areas of a company, Sales, Human Resources, Marketing, Inventories, among other topics. Because of this, it is important to develop various types of manuals as briefly described below:

Opening Manual or Guide: This manual details the activities and procedures that must be carried out when starting with the Franchise, for example: opening schedule, licenses and permits procedures, specifications for adaptation or remodeling, Training Program among others.

Operations Manual: Here emphasis is placed on the different areas of the company and how their operational processes should be carried out, considering three approaches: QUALITY PROCESSES, KEY PROCESSES and SUPPORT PROCESSES.

What is the purpose of the manuals?

A manual is a guide that serves as an instrument of control over the performance of each employee. One of the main objectives of administrative manuals is to instruct personnel about: objectives, functions, relationships, policies, procedures, etc.

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Importance of the procedures manual pdf

They represent a practical guide that is used as a support tool for the organization and communication, containing orderly and systematic information, in which the objectives, standards, policies and procedures of the company are clearly established, which makes them very useful to achieve an efficient administration.

They are considered one of the most effective elements for decision making in management, since they facilitate learning and provide the precise guidance required for human action in each of the administrative units that make up the company, mainly at the operational or execution level, since they are a source of information that seeks to guide and improve the efforts of its members to achieve the proper performance of the activities that have been entrusted to them.

What is a manual?

A manual is a publication that includes the fundamental aspects of a subject. It is a guide that helps to understand how something works, or educates readers about a subject in an orderly and concise manner.

What is an organizational manual and what does it contain?

The organization manual is an administrative instrument that is used to support the correct coordination of all the people who are part of an organizational structure; it is designed to disseminate the lines of authority and responsibility, as well as to make known the objectives and functions of the organization and its staff.

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Importance of pdf manuals

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This Manual should answer the questions about what the area, department, direction, management or organization does (policies) and how it does (procedures) to manage the area, department, direction, management or organization and to control the processes associated with the quality of the product or service offered (this control includes from the determination of the customer’s needs to the delivery of the product or performance of the service, evaluating the level of after-sales service).

Of course, each area will only include in its Manual the policies and procedures in which it is directly related. In other words, each area will have only those documents that it handles on a daily basis, whether these are policies and procedures that its own area has generated or policies and procedures that are directly related to other areas. Any person in the organization who wishes to collaborate with the development of the Manuals can develop policies or procedures, provided that he/she is given adequate training.