Genital labia surgery prices

The most frequent intervention in Female Intimate Surgery is the reduction of the labia minora also called Nymphs. If these structures are enlarged, they can cause discomfort not only when having sexual intercourse but also when dressing or performing other activities such as sports or any other kind, and can also be considered aesthetically inadequate.

Procedure: a reduction of these structures is performed preserving the edge of the lips without any alteration of sensitivity. The procedure causes very little discomfort and recovery is quick. In many cases, this alteration is associated with a reduction of the labia majora that can be increased in the same intervention by injecting fat, obtaining an aesthetically harmonious result.

What is the surgery most frequently performed by women?

The most performed surgery is the Augmentation Mammoplasty.

In this surgical procedure, silicone or saline prostheses are implanted to increase the volume of the breasts.

What surgeries can be performed on the vagina?

Among the most demanded types of genital plastic surgery are labiaplasty, liposuction of the mons pubis or pubic lift, vaginoplasty, clitoralplasty, hymen reconstruction, or micrografting of pubic hair.

What is the most difficult surgery in the world?

Heart transplant: Consists of removing an injured or diseased heart and replacing it with a healthy donor heart. The risks involved are blood clots, damage to the kidneys, liver and other organs, heart attack or stroke.

Female intimate surgery chile prices

With this type of surgery different types of objectives are achieved. It depends on the patient, it will be for aesthetics or because it is really a nuisance in any area. In short, it is a proposal to improve the quality of life of women.

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This area, as you know, is a very delicate part that affects several fields, from the sexual to the moment of giving birth, through the simple personal comfort. For this reason, it is a delicate but very simple and uncomplicated operation.

After the operation, it is likely to appear some bruises, but after a few days they disappear without leaving sequelae, even sensitivity is not lost, an issue that also worries many patients who have not been properly informed of the subject previously.

There is a very frequent question among women who undergo labia surgery: When can I have sexual intercourse after the labiaplasty operation? Depending on the type of labiaplasty, you will have to wait more or less time for it. Although, in general, from two to six weeks. Always discuss it with an expert in the field. He will know better than anyone the recovery time and what steps to follow to achieve it without problems.

What do men operate on the most?

Otoplasty, gynecomastia and rhinoplasty are the most requested procedures in these cases. In middle age they are usually interested in liposuction, blepharoplasty and frontal lifting.

What is the most demanded surgery?

Gynecomastia. According to the report, it is the most demanded surgery in Spain and also in the world. It is an intervention that aims to reduce the accumulation of fat or tissue in the male chest, thus reducing the size of the chest, flattening and improving its contour.

What is the most demanded cosmetic surgery?

Rhinoplasty. The aesthetic operation of the nose also occupies the first places among the most performed interventions in the last year. So much so that it is considered the most demanded facial surgery in Spain.

Genital labia surgery price in chile

The “female genital cosmetic and aesthetic surgery” is a descriptive term that involves a wide variety of procedures, so it is suggested to use terms such as labiaplasty (surgery of labia majora and labia minora), clitoral hood reduction, perineoplasty (surgery on the perineal area between the vulva and anus), hymenopasty (reconstruction of the hymen) and vaginoplasty (surgery of the introitus or vulvar entrance and surgery of the vaginal walls).

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Perhaps, to beautify the genital area, to show off a youthful vulva, to feel comfortable with her body, to obtain greater sexual pleasure, greater self-confidence, to meet acceptance criteria, to treat discomfort, irritation, discomfort.

Some women request changes in their vulva or vagina for cosmetic reasons, to increase their self-esteem and improve their sexual function but they should be aware that even though they want cosmetic or physical changes in their external genitalia does not mean that their development or structure is abnormal. Therefore, it is very important to make a good interrogation and talk to the patient in order to explain that maybe what she thinks is abnormal, is not; but it is an anatomical constitution different from other women and that it is part of a normal variation that may exist in her body.

How is a vagina operated?

It is also known as “anterior and posterior repair”. Sutures are placed inside the vaginal canal to create a sort of corset and reduce the diameter of the vaginal canal. It must be performed in a surgery center, requires anesthesia and several days of rest are recommended.

How do I get my vagina to tighten?

One of the most recommended ways to tone and tighten the vagina is with the well-known Kegel exercises. They are exercises of contraction and relaxation and you have to do several repetitions. These exercises can be performed in the comfort of our home, but if we want we can do them anywhere.

One of the most recommended ways to tone and tighten the vagina is with the well-known Kegel exercises. They are exercises of contraction and relaxation.

Cut the leaf, remove the crystal and apply the thick liquid that it expels on the vulva (taking care that it does not come into contact with the vagina); leave for 5 minutes and remove with plenty of water.

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Intimate surgery

15octoctubre2020Female genital surgery, the intimate surgery for womenBringing vitality back to your private parts is simple with female genital surgery; these procedures use the best of the latest technology in medicine to provide a solution to women with this problem.

It is important to determine if the problem in the area of the vulva and vagina causes pain, insecurity or puts the woman’s health at risk; if the answer is positive, then they are candidates for genital surgery.

It is important to book the first appointment with our doctors, who will ask you about your medical history, medications or herbals you are currently taking and your habits. This is in order to determine if you are a candidate for genital surgery.

Genital LiftGenital lift is the treatment for women who, due to overweight, age or other factors, have considerable excess skin on the labia majora and labia minora. This excess skin in the vulvar area significantly affects the patient’s comfort in performing daily tasks, such as exercising or being intimate.

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