What is the safeguarding policy in childcare?

Get to know the Public Policy on Children and Adolescents of the

Together with other professionals (pediatricians, teachers, etc.), municipalities are in the front line to implement this approach and make an early identification of risks, and for this they count on their municipal social services, sports, recreational and cultural activities, as well as participation.

The second session will be a more in-depth session (once the parliamentary process is fully completed), with some practical recommendations for local governments to initiate short, medium and long term actions to implement the Law.

What are the child protection policies?

A Child Protection Policy is an organization’s commitment to protect children from mistreatment, abuse, exploitation or neglect by the organization with regard to their protection.

What does child protection mean?

According to UNICEF, ‘child protection’ refers to efforts to prevent and respond to violence, exploitation and abuse against children. … Every day the news and newspapers are full of reports of mistreatment, murder, abuse, violence, etc., of children.

What is children’s law?

A law is a rule, a norm, a principle, a precept. As such, it comes from the Latin lex, legis. Law, in this sense, can refer to the legal norm dictated by a competent authority, generally a legislator, where something is ordered or prohibited in accordance with justice and for the good of the citizens.

España tendrá por fin una Ley de Protección a la Infancia y a la

El artículo analiza desde una perspectiva etnográfica cómo se han interpretado e implementado dos derechos en el ámbito de las políticas públicas de protección a la infancia y la juventud: el de la convivencia con la familia y el de la participación, en situaciones en las que se evalúa el cambio en los adultos responsables de la infancia. Teniendo en cuenta las perspectivas que construyen los jóvenes destinatarios de estas políticas, se analizarán las narrativas hegemónicas construidas sobre estos derechos y los efectos de las orientaciones de estas políticas. El análisis se basa en una investigación de campo realizada en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y consiste en entrevistas en profundidad a mujeres jóvenes que fueron adoptadas o comenzaron a ser cuidadas por otro grupo doméstico.

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Ahora bien, como bien apunta Claudia Fonseca, “no hay nada automático en la manera en que cada país traduce el espíritu de la legislación internacional de derechos humanos en cada contexto local” (2004, p. 112). Por lo tanto, las ideas de derechos humanos adquieren efectividad si son traducidas a los lenguajes locales, y situadas en los contextos de poder y significado, esto es, si son reformuladas en el “lenguaje vernáculo” (Merry, 2010). Siguiendo a estas autoras, para comprender cómo ese documento internacional es implementado en las realidades locales, es necesario atender a los contextos históricos específicos. Ese documento internacional adquirió sentidos particulares, entre otras cuestiones, debido a las características locales de las instituciones preexistentes dedicadas a la “minoría” (Fonseca y Schuch, 2009; Villalta y Llobet, 2011).

What is the protection policy?

Social protection encompasses policies that promote the realization of economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) and seek to protect people against uncertainty and certain risks, as with varying duration and intensity, illness, restrictions in meeting health care needs, and the need for …

What is meant by protection policy?

Social protection is understood as the set of public and private policies and programs aimed at preventing, reducing and eliminating the economic and social vulnerabilities that lead to poverty and deprivation during the life course.

What is the law of projection?

The purpose of the Law is to recognize, promote and protect the human rights and fundamental freedoms recognized and contained in the Constitution of the Republic and in the instruments of international law, of any natural legal person dedicated to the promotion and defense of human rights, to the …

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Child and Adolescent Protection Policy of the

The authors do not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and have disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

The recently approved Law for the Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents against Violence has provoked diverse comments and there has been no lack of dissenting voices, both in feminist sectors and among organizations working in the protection of children and the family.

The study analyzes the current situation through in-depth interviews with policy makers, NGO managers and families in vulnerable situations and concludes that effective child protection requires a good prevention strategy, through the coordination of child policies with other social measures, especially with family policies.

Laws such as the current one on protection against violence tend to act when violence is already occurring: it proposes dissuasive measures for potential offenders, restorative measures for victims, etc.

What is the law for children and adolescents?

Mexico passed the General Law on the Rights of Children and Adolescents, published on December 4, 2014, whose purpose is, on the one hand, to recognize children and adolescents as rights holders, in accordance with the principles of universality, interdependence, indivisibility and …

What is protection policy in history?

Protectionism is a trade policy established by a government to protect domestic industry from foreign competition by applying tariffs or any other type of import restrictions.

What does social protection promote?

Its objective is to promote access by families and individuals to better living conditions by overcoming conditions of extreme poverty and social vulnerabilities that affect them, as well as to guarantee the exercise of their rights throughout the life cycle.

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UNICEF Colombia – Public policies

This law combats violence against children and adolescents from a comprehensive approach, in an extensive response to the multidimensional nature of its risk factors and consequences. The law goes beyond administrative frameworks and penetrates numerous jurisdictional orders to affirm its holistic will. From a didactic perspective, it gives an essential priority to prevention, socialization and education, both among minors and among families and civil society itself. The law establishes measures for protection, early detection, assistance, reintegration of violated rights and recovery of the victim, which find their inspiration in the integral models of care identified as good practices in avoiding secondary victimization.

In any case, the law guarantees the protection and safety of persons who comply with their duty to report situations of violence, with the aim of encouraging the fulfillment of this duty.