Working relationships

The administration of norms indicates how they are applied, the scope, the operation, the actors, for example of the policies and procedures in an organization for the healthy functioning and development of the activities in the organization.

The term can be used in the workplace when there is a conflict to be solved by the company, since all those who are part of it must act as a group to find a solution.

Now that you know the types of labor relations that can occur in a company, it is a good time to know the benefits of managing and having good labor relations within your company.

The employer is the individual or legal entity that uses the personal services of another individual who is subordinate to it and for this reason is obliged to pay the employee with a remuneration in exchange for their services.

Now that you know some of the most important characteristics that identify and differentiate an employer from an employee, it is time for you to discover what role the contract has in labor relations, in order to regulate this dynamic.

What are good working relationships?

Help and be helped:

Good relationships are indispensable to develop our daily tasks at work. The collaboration of our colleagues is necessary to achieve our goals. It is important to be available to help colleagues and to be helpful when necessary.

Why is it important to have good working relationships?

Labor relations are important because: It establishes a legal bond between the workers and the employer in order to protect the interests and integrity in every sense of both the worker and the employer. They are indispensable for the company to function.

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How are relationships at work?

At present, every employment relationship is governed by an employment contract that binds both parties. This serves to regulate the working conditions, provided that the clauses of the contract are in accordance with the law in force.

Labor relations and human resources

Evidently, your superiors did not get to where they are by magic, they were particular facts that marked that destiny. They were properly prepared and little by little they grew and became good at what they did.

There is nothing more valuable than a person’s time, and if apart from your workday, you are available for your boss and any sudden event of your work, you will undoubtedly become a person he can trust.

It is said that communication is the basis of every relationship, and this also applies to the working relationship you have with your boss. Sometimes there are important things going on in the company that superiors may completely ignore, or learn about through ill-founded rumors.

Teamwork can be difficult due to the fact that people have different rhythms and ways of thinking. It is an art that you must learn to work at and it will bring you many benefits as an employee.

The idea is not just to go to work and do things right. It is important that you develop a sense of empathy and belonging to the company you work for. This will undoubtedly motivate you to give your best in every task you perform. Feel part of its evolution!

What are labor relations and give an example?

Labor relations are the links established in the labor sphere. … For example, the labor contract states that a worker will have access to a severance payment if he/she is dismissed without just cause. Labor relations are the links established within the framework of a job.

What are labor relations according to the authors?

A labor relations system can also be defined, according to GEORGE SPYROPOULOS, as the structures and procedures by which labor rules are established and decisions are made between the parties to the labor relationship.

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What are the positive attitudes?

Positive attitude is the quality that makes a difference in the development of life. Therefore seeing the world in a positive way, allows us to solve the mishaps of the world in a simpler way.

Tips for good human relations at work

According to Melyssa Contreras, a clinical psychologist specializing in relationships, many people tend to think that the ideal is to keep personal life and work separate. However, there are many successful cases where married couples manage to create a work partnership and learn to manage their emotions. And above all, separating work from home. For the professional, that is the key to success in both aspects.

Among the advantages of sharing the same job with the couple are spending more time together, having many experiences together, having the same friendships and meeting the same challenges. This allows them to get to know each other better, from identifying each other’s moods to knowing how they react to certain situations. They can motivate each other to get the job done in the best way for the family’s well-being.

In addition, knowing that the work will be rewarding for their well-being creates a stronger bond of commitment and responsibility than when working for others. Passion and striving to be the best is reinforced. Household chores are also shared and free time to go out together and disconnect from work responsibilities is more enjoyable.

What are work attitudes?

The meaning of attitude relates to the feelings and assumptions that define your commitment to your work tasks and actions in the office as well as your behavior in assuming your duties as a worker.

What are labor relations according to Chiavenato?

This is complemented by Milkovich and Boudreau (1994) (cited by Chiavenato, 2002), when they refer to the “Design of an employee relations program” as a strategy to create a good organizational environment, which according to these authors should include: communication, cooperation, protection, assistance and …

What are labor relations PDF?

The term labor relations (also used industrial relations), refers to the system in which companies, workers and their representatives and, directly or indirectly, the Administration, interact in order to establish the basic rules governing labor relations.

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Importance of good labor relations

These are the type of relationships that are established between the worker and the entity that hires the worker’s labor force: that is, the employer. The person with training in Labor Relations does his part to ensure that this fit between the two pieces is smooth and does not derail.

In the same way, this professional career allows knowing and mastering the functioning of the bureaucratic aspects related to personnel management and the way in which organizations must hire and retain taxes. In other words, the link between the organization and the State is taken into account.

In turn, Labor Relations is closely related to Human Resources, which focuses more on the more technical aspect of dealing directly with employees or applicants to join the organization (through personnel selection).

In labor relations there is always a fundamental purpose, to seek that the staff of the organization collaborate productively in a pleasant context with a positive attitude in the projects or functions that concern them, the potentialization of communication channels in this sense, are essential to achieve a harmonious and fruitful atmosphere.

By Rachel Robison

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