Industrial cheese slicer

We manufacture machines that really suit you. Whether standardization, food, spiral or conveying technology, we manufacture individual machines and machine lines with which you can produce the product you want.

Industrial food processing requires efficiency and precision. For the production of homogeneous masses, our standardization line focuses on the high-quality processing of your products as well as the high adaptability of the machines to your specific requirements.

The production of processed products requires several steps. Our food technology enables all the necessary processing steps to be carried out automatically, such as shaping, flattening, slicing and coating, as well as grilling, cooking, pasteurizing, fermenting and cooling.

Whether you want to cook, freeze, pasteurize or ferment your product, our machines with spiral technology take up little space and carry out these procedures efficiently and cost-effectively.

What is the main function of a cutter?

The cutters are part of the auxiliary equipment located at the end of the extruders, and they are in charge of cutting the product after it has passed through the mold.

What is a meat slicer?

Industrial meat slicers are the ideal tool for activities that need to cut any type of fresh, boneless meat, such as chicken breast, liver, rump and other similar products.

What is an industrial fabric cutter?

This machine is used to glue the fabric and interlining by means of thermoplastic resin with the application of heat and pressure. This machine is used for the production of shirt cuffs and collars.

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Industrial food slicer

Evolum+ twin-screw extruders are equipped with advanced technology to provide our customers with unprecedented performance, flexibility and control while ensuring optimal process stability and the highest quality of both food and non-food products.

EVOLUM+ extruders offer 40% higher production volume than standard Evolum models, thanks to their higher volumetric capacity obtained through an improved volume/energy ratio. Investment costs with respect to production are significantly lower, as it is a cost-effective processing solution with maximized return on investment.

A key innovation of our extrusion process is the Advanced Thermal Control (ATC), a patented self-learning innovation that guarantees better response times and higher process stability (up to 70 %). Energy savings (up to 20 %).

With a variety of screw diameters ranging from 25 mm to 145 mm, Evolum™ is our standard range of co-rotating twin-screw extruders and auxiliary equipment for producing extruded products.

What is a fabric cutting machine?

Description: 8″ straight blade industrial fabric cutter with one touch automatic blade sharpening system, new polished base and aerodynamically designed to reduce tension with the fabric and allow for maximum precision cutting even in multiple layers. … Specially designed for cutting medium sized fabrics.

What is a meat slicer?

Automatic slicers are part of the complementary kitchen equipment, they are ideal for slicing large quantities of products in a short time, such as cheese, cold meats, vegetables, potatoes and many more. They are used in food casinos, production centers, delicatessens, sausage shops and restaurants.

How to use a butcher’s saw?

When cutting, the saw blade should not be pushed into the piece to be cut. The blade should move by itself through the meat or bone with the help of light pressure. If too much force is applied to the cut, it can cause the saw blade to break.

Manual meat and bone slicer

OUR BRANDSThe best products are produced with the best raw materials and the best machinery. In Gracia Goez we are aware of this and that is why we have the best brands in the sector: So that your products are tasty, natural, and of quality.

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Quality is fundamental and your customers are aware of it, that’s why they choose you. In Gracia Goez we know the importance of product quality and that is why we offer you the leading brands in the sector.

The taste of your products is what makes the difference, and that is why it is so important to us. Giving your products an unmistakable flavor without sacrificing quality or naturalness is essential.

D. Enrique García, our founder, started around 1920 selling spices in the markets of Valencia. At that time D. Enrique began to create complete mixtures to make the elaboration of meat products easier. This innovative culture in the development of products that add value, differentiate them and facilitate their production processes remains intact in Pilarica’s DNA.

How many types of fabric cutters are there?

Manual cutter: the fabric is cut in layers, one on top of the other, by means of a blade or saw, in the form of patterns. Automatic cutter: cuts the fabric in the shape of the patterns, depositing several layers, one on top of the other.

What is a metal cutting machine?

The metal cutter is a very useful tool. … The metal cutter is a powerful object used to cut metals with iron or non-iron components.

How is the worm saw used?

How does a worm saw work? This cutting tool works thanks to the constant rotation of a cutting band or blade, generally made of steel, which has teeth that vary in size, shape and distance depending on the purpose of the machine.

What is an industrial dicer

Dicers are really important machines in the food industry. In fact, these machines are the perfect elements to cut strips and slices of all types of meat, which we then serve at the table with this ideal presentation. But that’s not all, because these machines are also suitable for cutting cheese and vegetables.

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These machines are built with stainless steel, being easily assembled and disassembled for cleaning, a task that should be done on a daily basis. This material is ideal for cutting strips and cubes of red meats, poultry, bacon, ears, tripe, ham, etc., but also vegetables such as peppers or carrots. It can also be used for cutting fish, cheese or eggs.

On the other hand, it also has a possibility to cut discs for other cutting functions such as rings and grating.  Thus, we are faced with a machine that includes a large number of styles, as well as we can find them in different models, but we must ensure that they comply with current regulations in relation to foodstuffs.