What policies and procedures do I need as a childminder?

Areas of a day care center and their functions

Strict compliance with all the regulations and decrees in force does not ensure a suitable and safe facility. Maintenance planning, effective and concrete prevention, can only be provided by child risk assessments carried out by professionals and the resulting report with precise solutions according to the priority of the risk.

Most injuries in a children’s center are caused by an ineffective (or non-existent) maintenance plan. This plan should take into account the critical points established after a risk assessment and also all the most urgent factors.

The staff of the children’s center should be trained in risk prevention. Often more importance is given to first aid (although staff should also be trained in this regard) than to the natural integration of a preventive culture.

Childcare project

Another essential step in setting up a day-care center is to register for the payment of the Tax on Economic Activities (IAE). These taxes are charged for the execution of any activity that generates income.

In addition to complying with the requirements for setting up a daycare center, it is necessary to cover other elementary aspects for its operation. These are related to location, supplies and budget. Let’s see then what is needed to set up a day-care center.

In order to answer the doubts about how to set up a day-care center, it is essential to make special emphasis on the furniture, supplies and equipment needed for it. For this reason, below we will see all the essential elements for each space of the nursery.

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For example, professional degree in early childhood education, degree in pedagogy, specialization in education, among others. This in order to ensure optimal learning processes, comprehensive care and inclusive and quality education.

Requirements for opening a home daycare center

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Even after staff members and child care providers are vaccinated, preventive measures will still need to be implemented for the foreseeable future, including the use of facemasks, physical distancing, and other important prevention strategies described in this guidance document.

Day care centers

One of the lines of action of the PAN-Concilia is aimed at the universalization of the first cycle of nursery education, improving the accessibility of this resource and constituting a Galician network of articulated and quality 0-3 nursery schools, as an educational resource, given that early childhood education and care are the foundation of education and training of people and an essential pillar for success in terms of lifelong learning, personal development and future employability.

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Private entities that carry out their activity in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, apply free educational care and tuition in nursery schools 0-3 for second and successive children, do not access the bonus through other lines of aid from the Department of Social Policy and meet the following requirements:

(b) That the 0-3 nursery school for which they are applying for aid meets the requirements established in Decree 254/2011, of 23 December, and in Decree 329/2005, of 28 July, which regulates children’s centers and childcare centers, as well as in the implementing regulations.