What questions should I ask my gynecologist?

Typical gynecologist questions

I’m sure you wouldn’t miss a business appointment, a lunch with a childhood friend, let alone an outing with your partner.    Equally important to you should be the annual commitment to visit your gynecologist. Make the most of that time with the specialist to ask him or her anything that concerns you about your health.

Your gynecologist’s office is probably not the place you want to go most often, but even so, this is an appointment you should never miss: the doctor will perform a pelvic and breast exam, take a sample for a Pap smear on the appropriate date (according to your age, when you had the previous one done and if it came out normal) and discuss with you the contraceptive method that suits you best.

In addition to these routine procedures, take advantage of the appointment to ask her any questions that concern you about your health.    Keep in mind that there are no dumb questions, only the ones you don’t ask are dumb.    For example:

What a gynecologist can do

At work, I isolate my sexual side and in my private life I isolate my professional side. I am married and I love my wife. If I saw that something was wrong during sex or during her pregnancy, I would tell her. That’s what relationships are for, but it has nothing to do with my work. What does your wife think of your work?

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At first it stressed her out a little bit. Many doctor friends are divorced because they didn’t spend enough time with their families. Initially, my wife was hesitant because she didn’t know how I would react to seeing partially naked women, but she’s gotten over it. She even tells her friends to come see me if they need to have a checkup. I think it’s the biggest show of confidence your partner can give you.can you find the G-spot more easily than other men?

Questions I can ask my gynecologist

This is, without a doubt, one of the most frequent sexual problems among women. Experts say that stress, certain types of medication or lack of communication with the partner may be behind the lack of sexual appetite. Do not overlook it, it is better to face the problem and look for a satisfactory solution.

As we told you, most of the lack of sexual desire has to do with psychological issues, such as relationship problems, stress, controlling and perfectionist personality, sexual monotony, etc. Therefore, most of the time it is better to do psychological therapy than to take medication. Pink Viagra” is only indicated for women whose lack of desire is caused by severe sexual dysfunction.

There are several “theories” (without scientific basis, of course) that claim that there are certain positions that help to get pregnant. This is not the case. No matter how much you do the doggy style, the missionary or do a somersault with a somersault, you will not get pregnant before. Dr. Gerardo Serrano assures that “any posture is good to get pregnant”, there is no one better than another. The most important thing is to avoid stress, be clear about your days of maximum fertility and, from there, get down to work with your partner. And above all, enjoy yourself to the fullest. The rest are meaningless myths.

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Questions to ask a gynecologist at the first appointment

Cramping, sore breasts and headaches are just some of the most common symptoms during menstruation.    But for some women, menstrual pain goes beyond cramps and can be incredibly bad.

If your periods are very painful or have been getting worse over time, this may be a sign of endometriosis or uterine fibroids. “It’s important to talk to your doctor about this because there are many options to make these disorders more tolerable,” says Shari Lawson, M.D., M.D., a gynecologist at Johns Hopkins.

It’s important to discuss this with your doctor if it’s a foul or fishy odor, or if you’ve noticed a change in your normal vaginal odor that seems to last for several days. “While it is normal for the vagina to have a slight odor, any change or foul odor may be an indication of an excessive increase in the amount of bacteria or a vaginal infection,” explains Dr. Lawson.

Often, dryness can depend on a woman’s age and extenuating factors in her life. If a young woman has this problem and has been on birth control for a long time, there may not be enough estrogen present and she may need to change birth control methods.

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