What services need to be CQC registered?

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The application process involves completing forms and submitting evidence that will highlight whether the practice can meet the 28 Essential Quality and Safety Standards. You will need to know what these standards are, what you are doing to meet them and, if you cannot meet them, what you will do to improve.

You will also need to do things like a CV, professional references, medical references and a financial reference; You will need to make sure you have access to leases, insurance and risk assessments for the premises. You will need to make sure that personnel records are complete and that key personnel have current and properly authorized CRB checks.

So the sooner we have you on board, the sooner you can relax in the knowledge that your CQC application is in the safe hands of our dedicated team of Registration Advisors. Once we receive your contract, we will do the following:

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Based on the results of recent unstructured market research conducted by our specialists, we have identified key target customers and focused on companies in the following industries:

We will also explore the possibility of offering our robust and versatile products to existing large and emerging market segments that are growing rapidly and where commercial risks are very high, such as in the relatively young renewable energy industry.Seeing that this particular area has a number of regulations that participants must comply with in order for their customers to qualify for government incentives, many commercial organizations are not fully up to date with those regulations, leaving both the service provider and the consumer at high risk. It is in these cases that compliance experts are available to help alleviate these risks in a cost-effective manner.

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To help companies see how well they are doing with respect to compliance with applicable rules, policies and regulations, CRC offers two types of audits: internal and external audits.For example, an internal audit will provide a snapshot of how well the various departments of your company are complying with the applicable rules and regulations governing the industry in which your company operates. It also helps you see the status of compliance with relevant government regulations.As for the external audit, the main objective is to examine regulatory compliance. This type of audit will help determine whether your company is following the national and European laws applicable to your type of business. For example, we can determine whether your company is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 or with the Food standards with respect to the claims published by your company.In both internal and external audits, CRC will assess regulatory and contractual compliance to satisfy the relevant authorities and prevent your company from paying heavy fines or having its license withdrawn. BACK TO TOP

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Vaccines offer the best protection against the virus for both workers and residents. As of November 11, 2021, all nursing home workers, and anyone entering nursing homes, must be vaccinated.

Vaccination appointments can be booked through the national booking service or by calling 119. You can also go to the thousands of walk-in centers across the country without booking in advance. Find your nearest center.

This guide applies to the regulated activity of nursing homes, i.e. the provision of accommodation and alongside medical and personal care. It has been created to assist with the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) Regulations 2021 (“The Regulations”). These regulations require persons in all Care Homes registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who provide both accommodation and medical and personal care, to ensure that no one accesses the inside of the premises unless they have been vaccinated. It is subject to certain exceptions.

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Cuts in temporary contracts are making it increasingly difficult for new nursing graduates to enter the workforce, which has led to a doubling of the unemployment rate in this profession.

Due to the large number of job offers that are emerging in the United Kingdom, it is necessary to help and guide nurses in their professional career by training them in aspects such as membership, preparing a resume, how to face an interview, etc…

Subsequently, it is very important to inform ourselves about the functioning of the British health system, which is hierarchized by nursing bands and specialties, which will help us to decide the area where we want to work as nurses.

To start the registration process it is necessary to request a form through the website of the British College of Nursing (www.nmc-uk.org). Once the form has been filled in, we will receive a document called application form by mail, which we must fill in and send back to the College.

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