Why are complaints procedures important in healthcare?

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It may only be submitted by a citizen who proves their status as a consumer in accordance with the definition of Law 5/2013, of April 12, for the defense of consumers in the Autonomous Community of La Rioja.

Once the claim is filed, the mediating actions will be initiated which, in the case of not succeeding and provided that there are indications of infringement, could result in the initiation of a disciplinary proceeding. Of the administrative processing of his claim the consumer will have punctual information.

The claim forms will be made up of unitary sets of forms, consisting of three pages per set, the first of which will contain the original signature of the parties involved and will be the copy that the claimant must deliver to the Administration, while the remaining two copies will be for the claimant and the person complained against. It will be the obligation of the competent Administration in the matter of consumption the opportune answer to the claimant, by means of motivated writing on the indicated claim and the actions carried out or foreseen, as the case may be.

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If I file a complaint against a health care facility and it results in disciplinary action, what kind of compensation can I get from the department or the individual?

It is best to contact us as soon as possible after an incident or event occurs.  This allows us to retrieve and review records and documents more easily.  You are also more likely to remember important facts and circumstances soon after the incident and are less likely to forget details.

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Some facilities, such as nursing homes and assisted living facilities, are regulated by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). You can file a complaint with DSHS by calling 800-562-6078. If a particular provider working in one of these facilities is licensed by our agency or is performing work that requires a license from our agency, you may file a complaint against that person.

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That, by means of Superintendence Resolution No. 160-2011-SUNASA/CD the General Regulation for the attention of Complaints and Complaints of IAFAS and IPRESS Users was approved which was modified by virtue of Superintendence Resolution No. 117-2015-SUSALUD/S;

That, the Third Final Complementary Provision of Supreme Decree No. 027-2015-SA which approved the Regulation of Law No. 29414, Law that establishes the Rights of Health Services Users, provided that upon proposal of the National Superintendence of Health – SUSALUD the Regulation of Complaints and Claims will be approved which will contain the procedure for the attention of complaints and claims of health services users;

Consultation: Request for information submitted by a natural or legal person to the IAFAS, IPRESS or UGIPRESS, through the channels made available by them, in order for them to issue their pronouncement on matters related to their competencies.

Complaint: Verbal or written manifestation, submitted by a natural or legal person, who is not a user, nor a legitimate third party in the case of diffuse or collective interests. The complaint informs SUSALUD about actions or omissions of the IAFAS, IPRESS or UGIPRESS that may constitute an alleged violation of health rights. Complaints are submitted to SUSALUD through the channels that SUSALUD makes available or through which it may become aware of.

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All suggestions, complaints and acknowledgements must be processed and may not remain unanswered. The reply must be notified to the interested party within a period of no more than one month from the date the suggestion, complaint or acknowledgment was registered with the competent body for its resolution.

The content of the suggestions, complaints and acknowledgements will be taken into account by the bodies responsible for responding to them for the purpose of continuously improving the quality of the healthcare provided. When similar complaints or suggestions for better service accumulate, the center manager will propose as a team the necessary improvements to prevent recurrence of user discomfort.

The response to suggestions, complaints and acknowledgements is the responsibility of the head of the health department management. In private healthcare centers, the response is sent to the center’s management (with a copy of the response to the SAIP).

All suggestions, complaints and acknowledgements must be processed and cannot remain unanswered. The reply must be notified to the interested party within a period not exceeding one month from the date the suggestion, complaint or acknowledgment entered the registry of the body responsible for its resolution.

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