Why do doctors finger you?

Purple fingers and toes

February 23, 2021White, blue or red fingers? You may have gone through one or all three of these phases due to the cold. Did you know that there is a blood vessel phenomenon that causes this color change in the fingers and toes? It is called Raynaud’s Syndrome after Maurice Raynaud, who was the first doctor to describe it.

It is an alteration in the contraction of the blood vessels, higher than normal, which changes the color of the fingers. Our doctors tell us that “Raynaud’s phenomenon is a condition of the blood vessels in which the fingers or toes may first turn white or bluish, particularly in cold temperatures, and with overheating they may turn red”.

Normally, when exposed to cold or low temperatures, the reaction of the blood vessels is to constrict or constrict to prevent the loss of body heat and thus protect the vital organs. This is called vasoconstriction.

What is recommended to treat Raynaud’s syndrome?

Calcium channel blockers.

These medications relax and dilate the small blood vessels in the hands and feet, which reduces the severity and number of attacks for most people with Raynaud’s.

What does it mean when a finger turns purple?

Fingers or toes may change color when exposed to cold temperatures or stress or when there is a problem with their blood supply.

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What if I have a white finger?

This circulation problem is very frequent, and it is important to know that when this happens, it is not only a problem of the cold. The discoloration of the end of the fingers is a blood circulation disorder, sometimes very painful, which is recognized as Raynaud’s Syndrome.

Because one of my fingers is getting cold

Therefore, many countries and many global organizations have adopted the recommendation that hand washing should take about 20 seconds (some recommend an additional 20 to 30 seconds for drying):

Rinse hands thoroughly with clean running water.Why? Soap and friction help lift dirt, grease and microbes – including disease-causing ones – from the skin so they can then be removed from the hands with the rinse. Removing soap with rinsing also reduces skin irritation.15 Because hands could be recontaminated if rinsed in a bucket of standing water contaminated by previous use, clean running water should be used.1, 12 While some recommendations include using a paper towel to turn off the faucet after rinsing hands, this practice leads to increased water and paper towel use, and no studies show that this improves health.

Dry them with a clean towel or in the open air. why? Microbes can be transferred more easily with wet hands; therefore, hands should be dried after washing. 15, 19 However, the best way to dry hands remains unclear, as there are few studies on hand drying, and the results of these studies do not agree. In addition, most of these studies compare overall concentrations of microbes on hands (not just disease-causing microbes) by different drying methods. It has not been shown whether removing microbes from hands is linked to improved health status.16 However, studies indicate that it is best to use a clean towel or allow hands to air dry.18, 20, 21.

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What does foot pain mean emotionally?

Emotional conflicts in the feet express the need to accept, release or heal resentment towards the “mother” archetype. Also, to acquire confidence and security to walk through life, as well as to make decisions that lead to future goals.

What organs are reflected on the soles of the feet?

On the inside of the foot is the spinal cord from which the entire nervous system can be activated (headaches and neck pain, insomnia, stress). Under the toes, between the second and third, the eyes are represented (visual problems) and, between the third and fourth, the ears (balance).

What is Reynolds Syndrome and how is it treated?

Raynaud’s disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels that usually affects the fingers and toes. This disease causes a narrowing of the blood vessels when the person feels cold or stress.

White, numb finger

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome causes symptoms caused by inflammation (irritation, pain, and swelling) throughout the body. Doctors are trying to figure out how these symptoms are related to a coronavirus infection.

Your doctor may talk with a team of specialists who can help diagnose and treat MIDS. These specialists include experts in infectious diseases, cardiology (heart), rheumatology (bones, joints, and immune system), and critical care.

Who treats Raynaud’s disease?

This is why it is necessary if you have Raynaud’s phenomenon to consult a medical specialist, usually a rheumatologist.

When does Raynaud’s syndrome disappear?

Raynaud’s disease is a benign disease that usually improves or disappears after a few years in half of the patients.

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What happens when the left hand turns purple?

A blood clot that blocks the blood supply to the leg, foot, hand, or arm. Raynaud’s phenomenon (a condition in which cold temperatures or strong emotions can cause blood vessels to spasm, blocking blood flow to the fingers, toes, ears, and nose).

Suddenly purple finger of the hand

Swelling is the enlargement of organs, skin, or other parts of the body, caused by the accumulation of fluid in the tissues. The presence of extra fluid can lead to rapid weight gain over a short period (days to weeks).Swelling may occur throughout the body (generalized) or only in one part of the body (localized).Considerations.

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