How to promote decent work

International labor standards are primarily concerned with the development of people as human beings. In the ILO Declaration of Philadelphia (1944), the international community recognized that “labor is not a commodity”. Labor is not an inanimate product like an apple or a television set that can be bargained for the best profit or the lowest price. It is part of every person’s daily life and is the basis of his or her dignity, well-being and development as a human being. Economic development must include the creation of jobs and working conditions in which workers can work in complete freedom, safety and dignity. In short, economic development is not an end in itself, but serves to improve human life. International labor standards ensure that economic development remains focused on improving the lives of men and women and preserving their dignity.

Decent work encapsulates human expectations with regard to work. It implies access to productive and adequately remunerated work, security in the workplace and social protection for families, better prospects for personal development and social inclusion, the freedom of individuals to express their claims, organize and participate in making decisions that affect their lives, as well as equal opportunities and equal treatment for all people, both men and women.

What is the importance of collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining has advantages for both workers and employers. … In the case of employers, as it is an element that contributes to maintaining social peace, it favors the stability of labor relations that may be disturbed by unresolved tensions in the labor field.

What is the function of the work standards?

The objective of labor laws is to equalize the bargaining power between employers and employees. Primarily, these laws deal with the relationship between employers and labor unions. … Labor law is regulated by federal legislation, state legislation and judicial decisions.

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What benefits could it bring to workers if the organization has implemented occupational health and safety policies?

Among other benefits, good occupational health management makes it possible to: Increase labor productivity and workers’ trust in the company. Reduce turnover and absenteeism. Favorably enhance the work environment and motivation.

Recruitment policies

On this occasion I would like to comment on the need for Labor Standards to exist in companies; it is one of the necessary measures to avoid all types of accidents, mainly when it comes to the performance of work of special danger such as confined spaces, work under tension, work at heights, handling of substances considered dangerous, etc.

Standards are written work procedures that help to avoid dangerous actions or situations. They are guidelines that affect the behavior of workers in order to avoid injuries and incidents by controlling risks.

Possible: the standards must be practicable with the means available. The correct implementation of safety rules in a company is a valid, but complementary, way of ensuring safety.

Current: techniques evolve, processes change; a standard that was once perfectly valid may no longer be so, becoming outdated and unusable. That is why every standard must be updated.

Why are standards important in a company?

Standards are written work procedures that help to avoid dangerous actions or situations. They are guidelines that affect the behavior of workers in order to avoid injuries and incidents by controlling risks.

What are the advantages of collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining has the advantage of solving problems through dialogue and consensus rather than through conflict and confrontation.

What is collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining refers to negotiations between an employer and a group of employees to establish terms and conditions of employment. The result of this procedure is a collective bargaining agreement. In general, unions or other labor organizations represent employees in bargaining.

Personnel policies of a company examples

Mindestlohngesetz im Detail.If you are not receiving the minimum wage, you can also turn to the minimum wage hotline by calling 030 60 28 28 00 28.Complaints and notices about violations against the minimum wage law are noted there.Even if you are receiving the minimum wage, check that the amount of the wage is not in violation of the prohibition of an undignified remuneration.More information on this can be found in the FAQ. More information on this can be found in the FAQ.On average, women continue to be paid slightly less than men. Since January 6, 2018, the

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Working hoursWorking hours in Germany are stipulated by law. Working time is the period of time during which the employee or apprentice has to make his or her labor available to the employer. The period of time during which the person is available for work is called Stand-By. This “stand-by time” is also counted as working time.Exception: for truck drivers, stand-by time is not considered part of the working day.Your working day may have a maximum of 8 hours per day. The working day may be extended to a maximum of ten hours, provided that over a six-month period the average daily working day does not exceed eight hours.In addition, there is a prohibition on working on Sundays and public holidays.However, for some sectors and activities there are

What is the importance of occupational health and safety policy?

A well elaborated occupational health and safety policy helps to point out the direction in which the organization should advance, and in turn, enhance other aspects such as quality and productivity in their business, because quality and productivity, in a way, depend on a good management of the organization….

What is occupational safety and what is its purpose within an organization?

Occupational safety is a science that analyzes a set of actions to understand the risk factors and the causes of accidents during the exercise of the worker. … “Its main objective is the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and other forms of health problems for the professional.

What is the importance of occupational health and safety policies?

All companies have to contemplate an occupational health and safety policy, since it is one of the most important aspects in the labor activity. It improves the image of the company, the work environment, decreases staff turnover because they realize that the company cares about them.

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Personnel Policies pdf

Home ” TOC Community Toolbox ” Developing a Strategic Plan, Organizational Structure and Training System ” Chapter 10. Hiring and Training Key Community Organization Staff ” Section 5. Creating Personnel Policies ” Main Section

Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far, it will probably be a headache to create personnel policies; however, it means that you already have an organization, which is an accomplishment in itself.

By now you know that the most important asset an organization can have is the people who work or volunteer to work for it. Personnel policies are of utmost importance to keep the organization running smoothly and to keep the self-esteem of the workers high.

Personnel policies may differ significantly from organization to organization, but they should contain instructions and rules for dealing with problems and overcoming obstacles that may arise both on normal working days and in extraordinary circumstances. They deal with relationships (staff/staff, staff/management, etc.), expectations (hours worked, schedule, what defines the work of a position), and ways of doing things (who uses what device and when, how to arrange a sick day) that affect the lives of employees and the functioning of the organization.

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