How to clear a package from mexico customs

However our standard mail, that is, what comes from any state mail, USPS, China Post, Hong Kong Post, etc … is not required to go through this process more than the common sampling when the packages are relatively striking or large.

What I have told you so far, as everything in this blog, as I always clarify is experience, and does not indicate that I have any relationship with the post office, nor with customs or with the couriers. So I will tell you about my most recent scare.

It all started when I got a comment saying that like me, that person had a package that did not leave customs, and that when checking with the guide in the postal system of Ecuador appeared a message saying “Cause of retention: Waiting for the presentation of a customs commission” that after already two weeks. I imagine the face of the man, in my mind it was easy to imagine with that message a dark warehouse illuminated by torches, in the center a table on which was drawn a 5-pointed star and on it the package with his name written. At that moment the customs commission dressed in black hoods from head to toe and each one with a knife, one lifted the package and the other gave a precise cut in the package as a diabolical sacrifice…….. ay my imagination.

How long does it take for a package to clear customs?

Usually, packages that are held in customs usually take between 7 and 30 days to be released, although this period can be extended to as long as 60 days or, even worse, may not be released at all for the time being.

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How much does a customs broker charge for releasing a package?

The customs broker or customs agent charges 0.45% of the value of the imported merchandise (imports), and in exports 0.18% of the value of the merchandise, on average.

How long does customs take to release a 2021 package?

Customs, upon receiving the package, verifies that you have paid all the corresponding taxes and then it is delivered to Correo Argentino. The approximate delay time from the moment the customs office releases the package after the pertinent verifications is 10 to 15 days until it arrives at the address.

How long it takes customs to release a package 2021 mexico

Normally the packages go through the scanner and if they see something strange they hold them and open them, depending on what is in the package they send it to the G.C. and they are the ones who contact you to pick it up at their premises.

It happened to me several times, but you don’t have to worry. They will NOT open the package, but they will try to convince you to open it, you can simply open it claiming that it is a gift and they will surely forgive you. But if you don’t, you just have to pay a minimum tax.

To me in one that they caught me I sent them the ebay sales page and they accepted it, although I paid by paypal on the page it looked a little cheaper since they didn’t include the shipping costs or the paypal commission for currency exchange.

In your case and randomly, if you get it you will have to prove if it is your property (previous invoice and allegation of why it travels by parcel and not as luggage) for example if you send a watch to the mother house in Japan and on the return they investigate it or it is a purchase, (the gift does not exist tax-wise), you can do it with an invoice and if the customs officer in question thinks it is adequate, you pay the duty and that’s it, otherwise you expose yourself to a review by an expert that in some cases is paid by the recipient and it is a lottery, apart from taking more than a month.

What happens when a package is held in customs?

The package is retained by the Customs Authority (SAT) because it needs to comply with some regulation or non-tariff restriction or clear through a Customs Broker and is entered to the Special Procedures area. The Mexican Postal Service will notify the addressee which regulation must be complied with.

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What does it mean in the customs clearance process?

Definition of the goods release process

The release of goods could be defined as the removal of imported or exported products that have been detained at customs by authorized entities.

How do I know if my order is being held at customs?

How do I know if my package is being held at customs?

In order to check if your shipment is actually held or not, you must have the tracking number, reference or delivery note and enter them in the package locator of the carrier’s website (Correos, MRW, SEUR, FedEx…).

Package held at fedex customs

This document evidences the contract of carriage, and therefore serves as a receipt for the importer, because it indicates that the carrier has accepted the goods contained in the list, its conditions and particularities.

There are several factors for which a merchandise can not be cleared from customs, from mistakes made by the supplier, problems with the carrier, failure in platforms and systems of the actors involved in the customs clearance process (customs authorities, customs agents and banking institutions), saturation of maneuvers in ports of arrival and airports, non-compliance with regulations and non-tariff restrictions or retention of goods by the customs authorities for any serious lack of compliance with the formalities of your goods for importation.

The best recommendation will be to contact the Customs Agency or the transportation company in charge of the clearance of your goods before customs, to request the reasons why your goods have not been released from customs.

What happens if I don’t pick up a package from customs?

If for any reason you decide not to claim a package held in customs, you should know that usually after a period of about 20 days and in normal conditions, the shipment will be returned to the sender, so you can no longer recover it unless you agree otherwise with him, so keep this in mind to …

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What does DHL customs clearance mean?

When requested by the customer or importer, DHL transfers the shipment and its customs documentation to the customer’s designated customs broker for clearance and delivery to the final destination.

How long does DHL customs clearance take?

Customs inspection is a situation beyond DHL’s control and we await release for delivery. It can take up to 10 business days.

How to know if my package is in customs shein

When buying items from foreign sellers, be aware that international shipping costs may be higher, and items may take longer to reach you than if you had purchased them from a seller in your home country. In some cases, you may also have to pay import fees.

When buying from international sellers, it is very common to have to pay import fees. These fees are usually determined by the price, weight, dimensions and country of origin of the item, as well as applicable local taxes, duties and fees.

If you see the Global Shipping Program logo in an ad, the ad itself will indicate the approximate amount of the sum of shipping and import fees. This amount includes everything from processing and handling fees to international shipping charges. You will see the final total amount before you check out, once you confirm your delivery information during the Checkout process.

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