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You learn more quickly than in a conventional course, although the grammar and vocabulary are basically the same. On the other hand, the exposure to the language for two hours each day, instead of two hours a week, facilitates a better fixation of the contents.

Another advantage is that, being in summer, the student focuses 100% on learning German. These courses are fast-paced and therefore require students to keep up with the material and do their homework daily in order to get the most out of the course.

Sometimes it may seem that everything happens very quickly, but unconsciously, everything leaves its mark on the brain, which assimilates and processes the information, significantly accelerating the learning process and obtaining very good results in the short term.

If the intensive courses are also taught by several teachers, as in our case, the students are exposed to different accents, being an optimal preparation for real life situations.

Which language is worth learning?

When it comes to learning languages, English is the most useful language. It is considered the most important language in the world as it is commonly used internationally, either for personal and/or professional use.

Which is easier to learn English or Spanish?

WHICH LANGUAGE IS EASIER TO LEARN? … English being a language mostly complicated to pronounce due to its phonetics, Spanish is more difficult to learn as a language due to the complex grammatical laws.

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Why not study English grammar?

English grammar is not worth learning because it accounts for 20% of the meaning of what is said. It has been known for over 20 years that whole groups of words and phrases are the key to learning English effectively, not grammar or single words.

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What possibilities do I have to learn German? There are many possibilities to learn German, especially if you live in Germany. Which one is the best depends on you: do you find it easy to learn new things or do you need more time and someone to explain it to you? Do you like to study in an intensive course or just a little bit every day?  I can’t answer these questions, but I can give you some useful links and explain a couple of options.

The integration course is always taught face-to-face, but the number of hours per day also varies. In total there are 700 hours of language classes and an orientation course in which the German political system and German culture are covered. After the course there is a final exam and you receive a “certificate of attendance of the integration course”.  If you have received a residence permit after January 1, 2005 and cannot communicate in German easily or sufficiently, you are obliged to take an integration course. The Aliens Department decides on the obligation to participate when issuing the residence permit.

What is the second easiest language to learn?

Of these, Spanish and Italian are the easiest for native English speakers to learn, followed by Portuguese and then French. These languages share many words with English, but it is this common vocabulary that creates “false friends”.

What language to learn in 2021?

In terms of the most-studied languages, English continues to be the leading language in 120 countries around the world. It is followed by Spanish, the most studied language in 31 countries, followed by French, the most chosen language in 24 countries.

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Which Asian language is best to learn?

According to a survey with students of the two languages by the Duolingo portal, “Japanese is more practical because its phonetics is not so complicated for a Spanish speaker and its grammar, although complex, is almost pronounced as it is written; while Chinese is recommended more for those who have a musical ear, since it …

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But, unfortunately, this language also has its pitfalls. Many irregular verbs, future forms, which are used as an assumption, and also the confusing list of articles of, that and that. The American writer, Mark Twain, complained on his trip on the Rhine that the complexity of German frayed his nerves.

The good news is that, so far, participants and students have managed to master German; in other words, if you want to, you will soon have an excellent command of the language. However, what is the best way to learn it and how much does it cost?

The prices for such classes vary. For a qualified and experienced language teacher you pay between 38 and 42 euros. If you take lessons with another student, it will of course be cheaper.

Which is easier, English or French?

French is grammatically a much more complicated language than the English that most people use today (English can also be complex but a very simplified version has been popularized by American culture).

Which is more difficult to learn English or French?

French is considered one of the easiest languages to learn if your mother tongue is Spanish. In fact, people who learn French find it easier to learn languages such as Portuguese and Italian.

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Why is English easy to learn?

English is the third most spoken language in the world in terms of number of native speakers, as well as the third most spoken. … 8Belts is a dynamic and effective online language learning method, which guarantees to learn a language in only 8 months.

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Our proposal to study German in Germany for companies has little to do with a conventional way of learning the language. The focus is not on day-to-day communication, if the participant(s) already have basic knowledge. Instead, they will learn from us the expressions, terminology and manners they require in their daily work.

Beginners learn the language on the basis of concrete situations. Grammar is not so important in the beginning, as our participants learn it on their own. In a short time, even those who are less familiar with the vocabulary progress well.

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