Are Irish Plates dateless?

Irish food desserts

Its recipe consists of grating a certain amount of potatoes and mixing them with other ingredients, such as beaten eggs, flour, onions, salt, pepper and a cup of milk. Then you have to fry each portion in a pan with oil. The result should be similar to a crispy pancake, golden in color.

In Ireland they have a saying related to this dish: Boxty on the griddle, Boxty in the pan, if you can’t make boxty, you’ll never get a man, which translated means: “Boxty on the griddle, boxty in the pan, if you can’t make boxty, you’ll never be a man”.

Most of the main dishes in Irish cuisine are stews and the main ingredient is the potato. This is because in the 18th century the majority of the population became poor and as a consequence, the potato became closely linked to Ireland.

History of Irish cuisine

Today, March 17 is celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day, commemorating the death of the 4th century saint known for being the patron saint of Ireland. It officially became a Christian holiday in the 18th century and nowadays it is experienced all over the world as an event that goes far beyond religion, as it is more a celebration of Irish culture. And how do those of us who are a bit alien to it join in? By paying homage to its cuisine, of course.

Admittedly, St. Patrick’s Day has become a bit of an excuse to throw yourself into drinking beer in green hats in bars decorated with leprechauns, chests of gold and shamrocks everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with that either if it’s all about enjoying yourself, but we encourage you to go a little further by trying some Irish recipes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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The Irish live with pride and excitement the St. Patrick’s Day Festival and it has become a great international event to honor their own culture and their past. There are many Irish communities settled in different countries around the world, descendants of immigrants who continue without forgetting their roots and celebrate these days their traditions.

Irish Gastronomy

Ireland has become a very desirable destination for many students who want to live the experience of studying and working in Ireland, spend some time in this beautiful country and enjoy everything it has to offer. If you are going to live and emigrate to another country it is very important to know how is its culture, what kind of weather we are going to find, its job opportunities and of course when it comes to sit at the table we are going to eat.

Irish cuisine has centuries and centuries of history, certainly the Irish have one of the richest and oldest cultures in Europe. The typical food of Ireland is inspired by the harvest, the crops and the breeding of animals such as sheep and cows due to its mild climate. The influence of the English is undeniable, since both are part of the United Kingdom, we will find many typical Irish dishes that are also typical in England, such as fish and chips (fried fish and chips).    The main ingredients of Irish food are: pork, salmon, beef, potatoes, cabbage, cod, onions, lamb, etc.

Irish traditions

During this celebration, green and shamrocks flood everything. They are a symbol of Irish identity…    St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated with spectacular parades… shamrocks, green, leprechauns or lucky leprechauns invade cities like New York or Chicago, where the biggest and most colorful parades are held (even more than in Dublin)… as a tribute to the Irish blood that runs through the veins of many Americans.

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A land of beautiful and ever-changing landscapes, Irish cuisine is simple and humble.    The potato is the queen of Irish cuisine. It is the main crop of the island…so it is present, in one form or another, in every meal. In turn, Irish cuisine is characterized by a high legume content. And so… behind some of the great Irish contributions to world gastronomy are cereals. Among these contributions we find the Irish Soda Bread or Irish soda bread, its brewing tradition… but also distillates such as whiskey.