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Connecting a DirecTV receiver to the TV tuner on your PC allows you to enjoy satellite TV programming on your computer. DirecTV receivers are equipped with an output connector that connects directly to a TV with a coaxial cable. This same connector is used for connection to the threaded coaxial input of the PC using a standard cable. Setup takes less than a minute. Things You Will Need Coaxial Cable Instructions 1 Press the power button to turn off the DirecTV receiver and turn off the PC. 2 Push the end of a coaxial cable to the “TV Out” located on the back of the DirecTV receiver. Tighten the lock nut on the cable. 3 Connect the other end to the ANT IN jack on the PC’s TV tuner card on the back of the tower. 4 Turn on the DirecTV receiver and the computer. 5 Double-click on the TV tuner name on the PC desktop to launch the TV screen and display controls on the PC.


In this tutorial, we will explain in detail how to watch TV on a projector, the most common connection types and what other options you can choose. You will also find detailed information on how to connect your device to a DVB-T decoder. Enjoying a home theater picture is easier than it seems.

The first thing you need to know is the types of connections available. The most common are those that use HDMI and RCA ports, as well as those that work in wireless mode with a WiFi connection.

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This procedure is ideal for playing multimedia content and watching series or movies in streaming format or music videos. If you are interested in watching Netflix or HBO as if you were at the cinema, it is a fantastic alternative.

Of course, you can also directly buy a projector with integrated DTT. If you want to see the best models, we recommend you take a look at our comparison of the best projectors with DVB-T.

Download TV tuner

Once the updated driver is installed, insert the TV tuner card and test the operation of the TV tuner. When the notebook recognizes the TV tuner, the blue LED light on the TV tuner will turn on, confirming proper operation.

If the TV tuner that is inserted into the ExpressCard slot is an upgrade from a previous TV tuner, it is important that you uninstall all previous TV tuner drivers and software from your notebook. It is also important that you uninstall any old software installed on your computer that supports older tuners.

To remove the drivers and settings for older TV tuners, follow the steps below. Once you have uninstalled the old drivers, refer to the Downloading and installing the latest TV tuner drivers section of this document.

Once you have uninstalled the older TV tuner drivers and settings, download and install the latest driver and insert the TV tuner into the ExpressCard slot to configure the TV tuner.

Download TV tuner driver

A TV tuner (or TV capture) card is a peripheral device that allows you to watch different types of television on your computer monitor. The display can be in full screen or in windowed mode. Most TV tuners also function as video capture devices, which allows them to record television programs on a hard disk just like a digital video recorder.

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This peripheral can be an expansion card, usually PCI type, or an external device that connects to the USB port. External models encode the recording by software, i.e. the computer processor actually does all the work. There are internal models that perform the recording encoding by hardware, i.e. it is the card itself that does it, relieving the computer processor of this task, which improves the computer’s performance. Consequently, in the same computer it will be possible to make a quality recording (without loss of frames) at higher resolution with an internal tuner than with an external one.

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