How to change your alexa account

Contract modifications entitle the subscriber to unsubscribe without penalty. In the communication informing the subscriber of the contract modification, the operator must also reflect this right, i.e. the right to unsubscribe without penalty if the subscriber does not accept the new conditions.

If the operator does not resolve in favor of the subscriber, or if one month has elapsed since the subscriber has complained, the complaint may be addressed to the Administration in accordance with the procedure described in the section on Complaints.

Royal Decree 899/2009, of May 22, 2009, approving the charter of rights of the user of electronic communications services. This regulation distinguishes between the rights applicable to all users, to users of the telephone service (fixed and mobile) and those applicable only to users of fixed telephony.

The rights of a subscriber through the prepaid system are the same as those of any other subscriber, except those derived from the prepaid modality. Prepaid subscribers will be subject to the general conditions that the operator has communicated to the Administration. Like any other user, they may request a copy of the subscription contract from the operator free of charge. The contract must also include the procedure for checking the balance, recharging and recognizing the right to call unbundling.

What happens if I disconnect Alexa?

If you want to turn off the Amazon Echo completely, the only option is to disconnect it from the power supply. This significantly reduces power consumption again, as the lighting circuit is not permanently active as in the previous version.

How to delete Alexa?

Launch the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap on the Devices tab located at the bottom right of the screen. Now tap on the All devices option, which you will see in the upper right corner. Select the device you want to delete.

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How to change user in Alexa?

Open the Alexa app on the smartphone and open the menu on the top left and go to “Settings”. Alternatively, you can change your account on the Alexa website in your browser. The process is identical for both variants.

How to reboot alexa

If you are the proud owner of an Echo or Echo Dot, you have connected your Amazon smart speaker to a user account when you set it up. However, if you want to sell it, for example because it passes into the hands of a family member or is sold, you must also change the user account link with the Amazon Echo.

An Amazon Echo / Amazon Echo Dot is always associated with a specific user account. This is important in order to be able to use services such as Amazon Music Unlimited, for example. Amazon offers a discounted subscription model for Echo owners, but the stream is connected to a specific Echo device. If you want to transfer the device to someone else, you also need to change the user account. Here’s how it works and where the corresponding options are located.

To restart your Echo device, press and hold the microphone off and volume down buttons at the same time. Wait until the light ring turns orange (about 20 seconds).

How much does Alexa consume when idle?

As I said, Alexa is plugged into the wall 24h on a power supply which is obviously in a socket. And its stand-by consumption, that is, when it’s not playing music, when it’s not talking, is about 1.6w. One point six watts.

How long does Alexa charge?

The built-in battery of the Bluetooth® speaker takes approximately three (3) hours to charge.

Why isn’t Alexa working?

Check that the device is connected to the wifi network. Check if you have the latest version of the Alexa app. Reset the Echo device. Reset the Echo device to its default settings.

Unlink alexa from amazon account

The first thing you should try: turn off and turn on again. Lots and lots of software errors are solved by simply restarting. Restart the Dot and reboot the router and see if this fixes the problem.

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When you order a new Echo Dot from Amazon, it is registered to your account before it is shipped to Amazon. However, if you bought a second-hand Dot, you will need to de-register it from the previous owner’s account before you can use it. Ideally, the original owner would have de-registered it before giving you the, but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes people forget, or sometimes they just decide it’s not their problem.

This frees up Echo Dot to register on someone else’s account. If you buy the Echo Dot second hand and the original owner couldn’t, or just didn’t, cancel it, contact Amazon customer service and ask them to cancel it manually.

Sometimes, Echo Dot may be mistakenly reported lost or stolen and will not allow you to register it. Contacting Amazon customer service at the above link will help you fix it. This is another known issue, especially if a device has been reported lost in transit and then sold to an unwitting buyer.

How to factory reset Alexa?

You can also do this by telling it Go to settings. Once inside, go to Device Options and click on the Reset to default settings option. By doing so, your Echo will erase all your personal information and settings, returning it to its factory defaults.

How many accounts can be linked to Alexa?

If you want more than one person to use the same Alexa-enabled device, you can add multiple accounts by setting up an Amazon Home. Family members must have their own Amazon account, but once you’ve set everything up, you can jump from one account to another just by talking to Alexa.

How to turn off Alexa manually?

It will only be necessary, having the microphone crossed out, to press the button on the top of the speaker. This will turn off the audio recording. After this, the ring that is luminous will turn red permanently, and in this way Alexa will not respond to any kind of command given to it.

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How to reset echo dot 4

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker, but it’s not so smart until you set it up. Whether you bought an Echo device or received one as a gift, you’ll first need to set up Alexa on your device. Here’s how to set up Alexa Echo, so you can start controlling your smart devices.

Before setting up Alexa on your device, you’ll need a smartphone or tablet to download the free Alexa app. You’ll also need an Amazon account, but you can set one up in the app. Finally, you’ll need a power source and a reliable WiFi connection.

Take Alexa out of the box, attach the cable, and then plug it in. Alexa will immediately start flashing blue. Wait until the blue light disappears and is replaced by a flashing orange light. Orange means it’s ready to go.

Now go to, which is the setup page. If you have an Amazon account outside the US, going to that page will automatically redirect you to your own country’s version of the page.

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