How do I know if I am on the electoral roll?

All the people who can vote are on an official list.this list is called the electoral census.the names on the census are revised every time there are elections.the town or city councils have a service where you can check if your name appears on the electoral census.any citizen can go and check their details.if you were unable to vote before,we recommend you check if your name is on the electoral census.also read this article:My name is not on the electoral census.what can I do?

Where to consult the polling station?

The Electoral Census Office makes it possible through this web page to consult the polling station and polling place corresponding to a given address. For any queries, please contact the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office or call 901.101.900.

How do I know my census number?

In the Electronic Headquarters of the National Institute of Statistics (with electronic certificate).

What to do if I am not on the electoral roll?

Citizens who wish to file a complaint regarding their registration data in the electoral census must submit a claim addressed to the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office of the province in which they are registered.

Download electoral census certificate

The Provincial Delegations of the Electoral Census Office keep the updated census at the disposal of citizens for permanent consultation, which can be done through the City Councils, Consulates, or in the Provincial Delegation in which the citizen is registered, as well as telematically through the electronic headquarters of the National Statistics Institute (url: ). Citizens who wish to make a complaint about their registration data in the electoral census must file a claim addressed to the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office of the province in which they are registered.

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Who has access to the electoral roll?

It is public, that is, it constitutes a document to which all citizens must and can have access, a guarantee of the fundamental right to vote. It is dynamic, and therefore varies according to the updating processes of the databases it represents.

How can I know if I am registered?

Therefore, the first way to check whether or not you are on the census is to go to the corresponding center (where you are studying or to which you are affiliated). Although the data can be consulted via the web, the census will not appear on the web at any time.

How to Censure?

All you have to do is access the site from your browser and register to log in; it is worth mentioning that, to access the site, you will be asked for the identification number (ID) assigned to you by the Census Bureau, which will be sent to you by mail.

Electoral census spain

The City Council of Paracuellos de Jarama informs that, from March 17 to 24, 2021, the lists of the Electoral Census of this municipality can be consulted in the municipal offices, for the purpose of claims Elections to the Assembly of the Community of Madrid on May 4, 2021.

To do so, you can go to the General Register (Plaza de San Pedro, 1, first floor), from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 14:00 hours. In order to be able to make the consultation it will be necessary to present DNI, passport or driving license in which the photograph of the holder appears. It will also be possible to make the consultation by means of authorization signed by the interested person and providing some of the documents mentioned above, both of the person who authorizes and of the authorized person.

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It is also available at the electronic headquarters of the National Statistics Institute ( a service to consult the data of registration in the electoral census and of the polling station and address of the polling place, prior accreditation of the voter by the [email protected] system (electronic DNI among others).

How many people are eligible to vote in Colombia?

34,899,945 Colombians are eligible to vote in the country and abroad for the democratic contest, of which 18,047,371 are women and 16,852,624 are men.

Who is in charge of preparing the electoral roll?

National Registry of Identification and Civil Status

It is important to remember that RENIEC prepares a list for each electoral process with the information contained in the database where all Peruvians who have a DNI can be found.

What is the electoral roll?

What is the Electoral Census? … It is also

Electoral Census Certificate

The Electoral Census Office, which is part of the National Statistics Institute, is the body in charge of forming the electoral census, with the collaboration of the town councils and consulates. Likewise, those in charge of the Civil Registry and the Registry of Convicts and Rebels, communicate any circumstance that may affect the inscription in the electoral census.

The electoral census can also be consulted in the town councils and consulates, during the period of exhibition and rectification of the census during the electoral period, for a period of eight days, starting on the sixth day after the call for elections. From October 8 to October 15.

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Likewise, the consultation can also be made through the electronic headquarters of the National Statistics Institute. In order to carry out the consultation, an electronic certificate of those published by the Electronic Headquarters of the National Statistics Institute (INE) is required.

Those who do not have one of the certificates indicated above, may confirm their registration data at their town hall or consulate, at the corresponding provincial delegation of the Electoral Census Office, by calling 901 101 900 or by e-mail to: [email protected]

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