How to print a monthly vat declaration

You can request that the Tax Administration certifies that you have made payments of taxes or fees on gambling, or that it certifies facts relating to the tax situation of the files of the taxes on Inheritance and Donations, Property Transfer and Stamp Duty, Wealth or taxes on Gambling.

Data relating to tax obligations for which the Administration’s right to determine the tax debt by means of the appropriate liquidation has expired will not be certified.

Make an appointment to request information in the voluntary period on files related to Inheritance and Gift Tax, Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty and Sale of Used Vehicles.

It is important to fill in an e-mail address to receive the details of the appointment, as well as the address where you can consult the documentation to be provided (if you come without the required documentation we will not be able to attend you and you will have to make a new request).

How to download VAT certificate?

Date of Update: 09/29/2021

To obtain a certificate or a copy of a Form 29 return online, you must access the option “Consult return status”, available in the Online Services section, Monthly Taxes menu, “Consultation and follow-up (F29 and F50)”, of the SII website.

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Where to request a tax certificate?

By telephone: 91 580 94 04 from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. By telematic means at:

How to print the electronic certificate of receipt of declaration by Internet?

1. Access the SENIAT web page 2. Click on Online Systems / Certificate Consultation: .

Tax Agency

Acceptance of terms of registration of Internet services, assignment of roles and change of mail of the Directorate General of Internal TaxesForm to request change of e-mail account registered in the Internet services for legal entities.05/12/2017

Authorization to Request Assignment of Special User Options for Internet ServicesAuthorization to Request Assignment of Special User Options for Internet Services.02/13/2018

F212v2 Special Registry of Taxpayers of the Law Regulating the Production and Commercialization of Alcohol and Alcoholic Beverages, Law on Taxation of Tobacco Products, Law on Taxes related to the Control and Regulation of Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives and Similar Articles and Law on Taxation of Isotonic, Fortifying or Energizing Soft Drinks, Juices, Nectars, Soft Drinks and Concentrated or Powdered Preparations for the Preparation of Beverages.22/11/2017

How to remove VAT from SII?

On the SII website, go to the “Monthly Taxes” option. In the section “Consultations and follow-up of returns (F29 and F50)” you must select the option “Integral Consultation F29”. In the “Integral Consultation”, the information associated with the VAT returns (F29) filed will appear.

What is the VAT certificate?

The Value Added Tax (VAT) Certificate is an official certificate, issued by the Tax Agency, which certifies the total VAT accrued and the total VAT charged for a given year, as well as the final result of the self-assessments and the total volume of transactions carried out.

How to obtain a Cartola Tributaria SII?

1) Enter the Tax Situation section of the SII Virtual Office on the Internet ( 2) Choose the Taxpayer’s Tax Card option. 3) Identify yourself with RUT and Password.

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My sii

It is used to submit your online queries or request the confirmation of criteria on the interpretation or application of tax provisions in real and specific situations, as well as the authorization of a tax regime.

In the case of consultations in which you have to define the applicable rate and tax exemption in accordance with articles 2o.-A and 25, section III of the Value Added Tax Law and 2o., section I of the Special Tax on Production and Services Law, you will do the following:

What is a tax certificate and what is it for?

Answer: It is a document that allows certifying the nature, amount and payment of income tax and complementary taxes, wealth tax and payment or withholdings at the source paid or withheld in the country, which were practiced to a natural or legal person, for a taxable period requested, the …

How long does a tax certificate take?

The issuance of current payment certificates will be made within 20 days.

How is the VAT tax payment calculated?

Calculating VAT in Chile is not very complex. You must multiply the net sales by 19% (VAT) and if there are purchases that were used for such sale, you can make use of the tax credit, which is 19% of the same. Then, the subtraction of both is what must be paid to the SII (Servicio de Impuestos Internos).


Allows you to generate a payment ticket by entering the RUT (RUC, Cédula or NIE), selecting the tax code(s) to be paid, entering the period and the amount for each one. Once generated, it enables to continue and make the payment online by bank debit or print the ticket for its payment in the enabled Collection Networks. It is not required to be a registered user to access this functionality.

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It allows you to check the status of refunds without details. To obtain more information about them, you must enter the Returns Consultation service for registered users, which requires a password or contract.

Allows you to send the reply forms received in your Communications Inbox, once completed and with the desired attachments, for those communications that have the reply option enabled.

This service allows the modification of the enabled data online, not requiring the presence of the taxpayer in our offices. Enabled for individuals, single-person and multi-person entities, with and without adhesion contract.

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