Can I register my dog with KC without papers?


What is the opening hours at the Kennel Club offices? The opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. What is needed to register a dog at the Kennel Club of Chile? When you acquire a dog, son of registered parents, the breeder delivers a document called “Declaration of Origin”, to register it you must get a pedigree by presenting this document at the Kennel Club of Chile offices, with this the dog will be registered in the name of the person who is registered as the owner in the Declaration of Origin.

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One of the main objectives of this canine club is to maintain its own pedigree registry. In addition it also promotes and sanctions all events for all purebred dogs. The three most important dog shows in the United States are:

At the beginning of the 19th century, interest in the beauty and function of dogs began in England. This interest quickly spread throughout North America. For this reason, the “Westminster Kennel Club” and “National America Kennel Club” dog shows were created.

Soon thereafter, there was a need to create an organization capable of regulating and establishing an official basis. Hence, in 1884 a group of 13 breed clubs (3 Canadian and 10 American) founded the AKC. Their objectives were the study, breeding, exhibition, operation and maintenance of the purity of purebred dogs.

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From 1906 to 1911, the U.S. Department of Agriculture imposed a tax on imported dogs. Hence, breeds that were not recognized by the AKC had to pay a tariff fee. Shortly thereafter the AKC, CKC and KC came to an agreement. Any breed registered with one of them could also be registered with the other two.

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The litter registration form is composed of two forms: Litter Birth Notification Sheet, the first one, with a maximum term of 30 days, and Litter Registration Application Sheet, the second one, with a term of six months from the birth.

When the ownership of a puppy changes for the first time, by purchase or any other reason, the reverse side of the Proof of Registration in the L.O.E. must be completed: Application for Transfer of Ownership. All previous owners (transferors) and all new owners must sign.

If the breeder wishes to obtain the Pedigree of the specimen without a change of ownership, he/she must also fill in the data on the back of the Proof of Registration in the L.O.E. with his/her name and the signature of the breeder(s).

The registration in the L.O.E. will be admitted for those imported dogs that provide a pedigree, with at least three generations, from a country member of the F.C.I. (International Canine Federation), or recognized by it.

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