Can my child get free school milk?


Mundo Verde se enorgullece de tener una cocina desde cero donde cocinamos todas las comidas para nuestros estudiantes.    Proporcionamos comidas saludables, deliciosas y que cumplen con los requisitos del Programa Nacional de Almuerzo Escolar.    ¡Nos abastecemos localmente cuando es posible y utilizamos nuestro programa de servicio de alimentos como una herramienta de enseñanza para nuestros estudiantes para ayudarles a aprender acerca de los alimentos nuevos y nutritivos!  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

reflejado en su factura por unos $100/mes. Para las familias que califican para comidas gratis o reducidas, no hay costo para el almuerzo escolar. Si tiene preguntas o necesita llenar una solicitud en papel (FARM), por favor envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected]~ ~ ~ ~El

almuerzo escolar está disponible tiempo completo de forma mensual (no está disponible de forma esporádica). El precio completo para el almuerzo es $4.85/comida y se verá reflejado en su factura por alrededor de $100/mes. Para aquellas familias que califiquen para alimentos gratuitos o a precio reducido, no hay costo para el almuerzo (FARM). Si tiene preguntas o tiene que llenar alguna forma en papel, favor de enviar un correo a [email protected]

Masterclass by Julio Basulto on “child nutrition”.

The treating physician must make the referral of the beneficiaries for the correct entry into the program, in the health center in which the beneficiary is enrolled or if it is of isapre, in the closest to your home.

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If it is ISAPRE, Armed Forces and Order, FONASA free choice or other, it can be done through the user’s PRIVATE CARE modality. In this case, the treating physician must issue the following documentation:

What happens if I already receive this benefit, but through the hospital? The supply of PNAC APLV hospitals should be transferred to primary care facilities according to the reality of each region and as agreed with the central level.

Advancement of Integral Wellness Programs to be respected

The containers for 200 ml liquid beverages are aseptic and hermetically sealed in tetrabrik packaging, 9-layer coextruded film sleeve with EVOH or other wrapping that ensures adequate preservation of the product without the need for refrigeration.

The National Agency for Regulation, Control and Sanitary Surveillance (ARCSA) or an inspection body endorsed by the Ecuadorian Accreditation Service (SAE) carries out inspections of all batches produced in processing plants and, only after a thorough control, proceeds to “RELEASE” the food batches, so that they can be distributed for consumption.

It is very important to point out that sanitary and physical verification controls are carried out during production and after delivery in random samples taken at the educational institutions.

For storage and distribution, procedures were established in the MOL, so that the educational institutions receive the product with an expiration date of at least 3 months; otherwise, the product is not received. The monthly delivery of food products is another process that guarantees a fresh stock for consumption.

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