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The farm is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the city of Pamplona and has an area of 240 hectares. This land is formed by a beautiful natural environment composed of lush hills and a spectacular lake. Both make this location an ideal place to enjoy a very special wedding.

In addition to nature, in the area we also find historical buildings, where the pagan and the religious come together. Therefore, if your idea is to celebrate a civil wedding, here you have an old palace from the 12th century, restored for large-scale events. But, if what you prefer is a church wedding, the beautiful hermitage of San Pedro is ideal. It was built at the end of the 12th century and also renovated. Here you can enjoy the solemnity of the Romanesque style that characterizes it.

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The weather is not 100% sure, even if it dawns clear or they give a good weather report, it can always come that cloud that leaves the classic and brief summer storm and bring down the whole assembly of the banquet; wetting tablecloths, furniture, crockery, glassware, cutlery, ….. The catering does not carry duplicate service material and even if it does, there may not be time to change everything before the arrival of guests. That is to say, the wedding cannot take place.

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On the other hand, there would be other cases such as a summer lunch in full sun, which requires a tent for the heat, windy days, when there are trees above the banquet tables and falling twigs, leaves or birds …., when weddings are in the afternoon-night and from dinner begins to cool and early morning is really cold, if there are nearby dirt roads with vehicle traffic that raise dust, etc.. The tent is the solution.

With the tent you can protect yourself and cover only the roof or, if necessary, close the walls on the spot. The tent can be air-conditioned and decorated to your liking, thus personalizing each celebration.

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Another factor that has made tents fashionable at weddings is that nature plays a leading role in the decoration in conjunction with candles, lights, various types of flowers and the general landscape where the event takes place.

Ecofriendly wedding tentsAre you one of those who love plants and are thinking of having an eco-friendly wedding? Then the tents decorated inside with hanging plants and scattered lights create a fairytale atmosphere that you will never forget.the bride and groom are more aware of the care of the environment and are opting for weddings increasingly respectful and decorative elements that leave no carbon footprint.

Turning your wedding tent into an enchanted garden can be an experience that leaves fond memories for your guests. One of the main benefits of the tents is that in this summer heat the air can circulate freely which will be of great help for the development of the ceremony.

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Nowadays, most couples choose to have their wedding reception outdoors in a beautiful hacienda, mansion or even the beach. However, there is always the possibility of having mishaps with the weather. Whether it is the rain or the heat, in the case of a daytime wedding. The solution can be to use a tent for the big day.

These tents offer many benefits when it comes to decoration as well. There are more than 6 types of tents that can adapt to any type of wedding you have chosen. From the most luxurious and elegant to the most alternative and bohemian. It is something you simply have to agree with your wedding planner and suppliers.

Finding the ideal type of tent for your wedding will depend on the type of wedding you want. The trick is to make it part of the decoration you have chosen. You should consider that there are many types of materials. From plastic tarps, black, white or transparent, to draped fabrics.

In addition to locating expert tent suppliers, you will need to consider several aspects when quoting your wedding tent rental. First of all, you must have the exact number of guests and secondly, the location where it will be set up.

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