Can you get married without giving 28 days notice?

Marriage License 2020

Macarena Narváez, owner of the popular catering company La Cococha, in Madrid, is juggling to get by. “I’m doing everything. We are only billing 20% of what we were making annually before the pandemic. I’ve had to get into the kitchen, take out dishes, receive guests and take on tasks that I didn’t do before to make ends meet. We have warehouses, vans, insurance policies? It is impossible to cope financially with everything,” the businesswoman told Libre Mercado.

Those affected can no longer cope with the uncertainty. The mobility restriction policies for citizens are unpredictable and for them they are a real punishment. “In April it is true that we are going to have more weddings, but as we don’t know how they are going to go, the bride and groom don’t know what number of guests they are going to have. And what is very serious is that here we are all suffering the orders of the politicians and they are on vacation for Easter outside the communities. It’s unbelievable,” Narváez complains.

Religious marriage leave

Even if you are just starting to organize your wedding, surely you are already thinking about a spectacular honeymoon. Do you want to know everything about marriage leave, how many days are they, how to ask for them, from when they count…?

The price of getting married in a civil ceremony depends on the way you choose to celebrate it. In the courts it is a free service, as well as in most of the town halls, however some may charge you fees if you want to celebrate the wedding on a Saturday or if you want the councilor to come to the property (for example). The price of a wedding before a notary is approximately 120€, but you may be charged a little more if travel is required.

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Regardless of the place you have chosen to celebrate your civil wedding, the first procedure you must complete before the Civil Registry is the beginning of the marriage file.    These are the requirements to obtain it:

Tip: We recommend that you do this procedure well in advance of the date you have chosen for your big day, since the deadlines for appointments at the registry are usually quite long.

Days of rest for marriage in mexico 2020

In its Article 37.3, the Workers’ Statute establishes that “the worker, with prior notice and subsequent justification to the company, may be absent from work, with the right to remuneration, for any of the following reasons and for the following time: fifteen calendar days in the case of marriage1”. In other words, as these are calendar days and not working days, they start to be counted from the wedding. However, if the couple marries on a day that is not a working day for them, such as a Saturday or Sunday (which happens in the vast majority of cases), the 15 days of paid leave that correspond to them start to count from the first working day and not from the day of the ceremony, as stated in the ruling of the SC of 12.05.09.

Also, it is necessary to always consult the Collective Agreements of both members of the couple, because in some cases these 15 calendar days established by law are improved, but never worsened. And don’t worry, as it is a paid leave for marriage, you will be paid even if you miss work, just as it happens during the vacation period. This leave is valid for both religious ceremonies and civil marriages.

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Marriage leave days mexico labor law 2021

Any worker, without exception, has the right to be granted work leave due to marriage. However, it is natural that, in the face of this extraordinary circumstance, numerous doubts arise about how to raise this situation with the company so that it causes the least possible impact.At unCOMO, we have compiled the necessary information to explain to you how to apply for marriage leave. Discover everything you need to carry out this important procedure that will allow you to enjoy a few extra days to prepare your wedding and enjoy as a couple.

As with other work permits, marriage leave is a right that can be enjoyed by any worker. It is a paid leave that spouses normally use to enjoy the popular “honeymoon”, a few days to rest after such a great event: the wedding. This right is included in the Statute of Workers and is granted to the person regardless of the way of celebration, that is, whether the marriage is civil or religious. Marriage leave means that the person who is getting married may be absent from work for 15 calendar days, receiving the same salary as if he/she had gone to work.

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