Dewalt hecho en mexico

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How to validate the DEWALT warranty?

To make this warranty valid, you must present the sealed warranty policy and/or original invoice and return the product complete, undamaged, with its accessories and in its original purchase packaging through the Dealer or Service Center network.

How many years is DEWALT’s warranty?

Three-year limited warranty. DEWALT will repair, free of charge, any failure arising from defects in materials or workmanship of the product for up to three years from the date of purchase.

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How to register a product with DEWALT?


The product must be registered by the DEWALT user within a maximum of 4 weeks from the date of purchase at (User data, machine model, serial number and date of manufacture are required). catalog

Its light weight and compactness, makes it a very easy tool to use in tight spaces. The DeWALT DCD796 hammer drill has the added advantage of being sturdy enough to tackle any surface or material you work with. It sits easily on the tool belt and thanks to its lighter material construction, it is weightless, allowing the user complete freedom of movement.

For the price, the power level is very good. Just don’t expect to drill 50 holes a day with a cheap, low-quality drill bit. If you want to drill in concrete for example, you will have to use a concrete drill bit with a tungsten tip. With a normal drill bit you can do it too, but if you are going to drill continuously, don’t expect the same performance.

What is the DEWALT SKU?

The SKU (Stock Reference) is a unique code that is assigned to a product to identify it. It is used to track your inventory.

How to validate the Craftsman warranty?


FOR TWO YEARS from the date of purchase, this product is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship. WITH PROOF OF SALE, defective product will receive repair or replacement free of charge at seller’s option.

Where to make the Craftsman warranty valid?

Specifically, the full text of the warranty is as follows: “If for any reason your Craftsman hand tool fails to provide complete satisfaction, return it to any Sears or other Craftsman store in the United States for free replacement or repair”.

DeWalt warranty

The DeWalt DCG405N 18 V XR 125mm grinder (see on Amazon) is the most demanded by lovers of the brand, thanks to the electronic brake that stops the disc quickly when the trigger is released, is one of the models with better security. In addition, its low weight and high power make it the perfect tool for any workshop.

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That is why DeWalt battery grinders have not wanted to be left behind and have developed a wide variety of models of maximum durability and power, which have left below any other comparable.

DeWalt grinders stand out because you can find a specific machine for each job. You have from 115mm mini DeWalt grinders, perfect for areas with limited space or work at heights, to 230mm large grinders, more specific for large cuts that require more time, such as those made on construction sites or blacksmiths.

Similarly, the power of these brutal deburring machines reaches up to 2,400W, but we can also find very manageable models such as DWE 4120 or DWE 490 that have quite good prices.

How do I know if my Dewalt is original?

The U.S. brand usually has the logo embossed, i.e., it is marked and noticeable to the touch. On the other hand, “cheat” drills usually have only a decal or sticker. This sticker is sometimes even of very poor quality, or the name is poorly printed.

What is a SKU and examples?

SKUs (item codes) are codes that you can use internally to track your inventory and generate reports on your sales. For example, you can use the Sales by Product Variant SKU report to help you analyze your sales.

Where do I find the SKU of a product?

SKU is the unique reference number of a product, as registered in the company’s system.

Dewalt tools

How does it do it? Through its website, where purchases can be made in a comprehensive manner, or through the e-commerce platform Mercado Libre, a site where they have achieved the Platinum badge in sales.

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In addition to retail sales to private customers with individual needs, the company offers wholesale sales to users, at truly preferential prices and purchasing conditions.

In addition, it offers the possibility of paying in installments with the Ahora 3 and 6 plans. A surcharge is added to the published price according to the plan chosen, so that users can pay in different installments without additional interest.

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