Permit to sell animals

b) Professional persons working in establishments selling, breeding or importing animals and who have to handle them must have attended an animal handler’s course.

a) The seller of the animals must know the scientific name of each species he/she sells and the legislation applicable to each one, and must inform the buyer of the prohibition to release specimens of non-native species.

However, it could be asked if, beyond the “minimum guarantee period of fourteen days in case of hidden lesions or incubating diseases”, domestic animals have a longer guarantee. Here we explain the interpretation of the National Institute of Consumption.

Fine for selling dogs

Any animal kept with no intention of gain or profit and that due to its characteristics and behavior can coexist with human beings in a domestic environment, receiving from its owner: attention, food and health and hygiene care.

Owners of dogs of potentially dangerous breeds or those trained for defense and prepared to attack, must take precautions to reduce the risk of accidents due to bites and transmission of diseases, as well as the attack to other animals.

How to sell puppies fast

The Civil Guard has denounced a woman for breeding and selling dog puppies through the Internet, lacking the necessary authorizations. She was carrying out these activities in a clandestine manner, without notifying the Social Security and without paying taxes, for which the corresponding Administrations have been informed.

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Last May, SEPRONA was informed by an animal protection association that a person could be breeding and then selling puppies of different dog breeds, offering them for 500 € each.

The result of the first investigations carried out by SEPRONA was the location, in an important web page dedicated to the purchase and sale of all kinds of articles, of 6 ads for the sale of dogs, all linked to the same person, in which breeds such as chihuahuas, bichon maltese or shih tzu could be purchased. The total value of the animals offered exceeded 6,000 euros.

The Agents’ attention was drawn to the fact that the ads appeared in several provinces bordering Burgos, but not in this one, a practice usually used by individuals or non-legitimate breeders to avoid being located.

How to sell dogs

Schibsted Spain, however, has not yet removed this type of advertisement from its portals. This newspaper has contacted this company to know their version of the facts, but they have not responded to requests for comment.

Price is also an important factor in these portals. A Golden Retriever from a professional breeder can cost around 1500 euros, according to information from FAADA. On, on the other hand, you can find pups for less than 300 euros.

By Rachel Robison

Rachel Robison is a blogger who collects information on court filings and notices.