Do I need to register my caravan with CRiS?


“When can the police enter my motorhome?” It’s a question we all have in mind when we enter a police checkpoint. We clarify it for you: all motorhomes are classified as a residential vehicle. That is to say, for practical purposes it is our home. The legislation is clear in that respect. But there are people who would take this case as a violation of their privacy or a violation of their right to privacy. Are they right or wrong? Can they just come in like that?

B. Let them in if you have nothing to hide. You give your consent and save yourself from standing around. After all, they are just doing their job (don’t worry if you don’t have the inside of your car ready for a visit, I’m sure you’ve seen worse).

This case is not very common, but it could happen. The government decrees an emergency alert or exception regime (in which case certain rights are suspended) for example a terrorist alert, and they create a police cordon (attack, bomb alert, escape of a terrorist, or a dangerous suspect…). In this case, they do not need a court order, they can enter with the full force of the law.

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The Twenteborg Hospital in Almelo, The Netherlands, has implemented a complete bed monitoring system with the help of Trovan ID200 chips, which have been placed in strategically selected locations. When a bed is moved from a dirty room to a clean room, the chip is read and its identification code is transmitted to a central computer, which in turn will indicate what kind of maintenance is required. If maintenance is required, the computer will alert with a visual light indication and automatically print a report with the details that need to be attended to.

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Once the bed has been detailed, designed and set up properly, it is ready for use. The nurse can select a bed with a simple check-out procedure: scanning the bed’s chip and reading the chip corresponding to the area or department where it has been assigned. A senso ANT-611 antenna is used for the check-out procedure.

The hospital’s objective is to record and document that the standards established by the manufacturer are fully complied with. It also determines the bed usage charge per department and provides greater control over the status and use of each bed. An ANT-614 antenna has been placed in the laundry area to record the service to each bed. Water, chemicals and temperature do not affect or interfere with the chip readings.Opel Automotive Manufacturing upgrades its vehicle production line.

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Lifting the rear lid reveals a gas grill with a sink, a pull-out refrigerator and a pass-through to the dining area. When weather conditions do not permit eating outside, the interior kitchen includes a sink, a two-burner range, a refrigerator and a microwave.

The second largest area will concentrate the offer of camper vans, with 31 exhibitors, including companies such as Catalunya Van, Drop Campers, Furgokaravaning, Westfalia, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Toyota.

The second largest area will concentrate the supply of camper vans, with 31 exhibitors, including companies such as Catalunya Van, Drop Campers, Furgokaravaning, Westfalia, Ford, Iveco, Mercedes Benz, Nissan and Toyota.

If Valencians have always been great fans of this type of tourism, now there are more who are inclined to this way of traveling. In Hoy por Hoy Locos por Valencia, we talk to Vicente Puerto, Marketing Director of Caravanas Osito, who confirms this fever for ‘caravaning’.

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Trump threatens Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, this reality is hidden in broad daylight; vehicles have become shelters. Some, as Brown pointed out, are easily recognizable: a vehicle overloaded with belongings and with wheels that look like they will sink, a van with a window taped shut, or a caravan so old-fashioned it doesn’t seem to work.

Across the Bay, in Alameda, the county where the city of Oakland is located, authorities have estimated that 2,817 people are living in vehicles; more than double the 2017 figure of 1,259.

The camp consists of dozens of vans, cars, RVs and trailers, forming a circle alongside some shacks and plywood structures. They have set up a communal kitchen and a garbage dump. On the fence surrounding the lot one of the residents has hung clothes that, along with other items, he sells for $1 a piece.

Lopez’s family concluded that if he has decided to live in these conditions he must be an alcoholic or drug addict. “The truth is that I started having this lifestyle because I had the need to,” he explains. Lopez does not want to live in his vehicle for the rest of his days. “This is not the life I want,” he says. For the time being, however, he wants to stay here with his new friends. He wants to be sure that someone is looking out for them, just as they have been looking out for him. “That’s how you live in community,” he points out, “how you live as a family.” “As long as people need a place to shelter and have a vehicle, sleeping in the car is preferable to other alternatives.”

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