According to Polish law, it is not enough to register the EPIRB in UKE. Additionally the EPIRB must be registered with the Polish Civil Aviation so that in case of emergency it will be possible to locate you. Once you have the Polish MMSI number, you can proceed with the EPIRB registration.

Please fill in our online EPIRB application form and send it to us. After our analysis we will get back to you with a personalized and final offer, together with the list of documents that will be necessary to proceed with the EPIRB Registration in Civil Aviation.  Of course, if you have any questions or if you do not have a radio operator license, you can also ask us before filling in the form, we will reply to your mail as soon as possible, respecting our working hours.

How is an EPIRB activated?

To activate the EPIRB, lift the red cover and press the ON button for more than 2 seconds.

Where is the EPIRB located?

Where is the EPIRB placed? The bulkhead bracket of a manually activated EPIRB should be located near an emergency exit and in plain view.

What is EPIRB?

Epirus is a mountainous region located in the northwest of Greece, on the Ionian Sea, bordering Albania in the north, Thessaly in the east and Aetolia and Akarnania in the south. The largest city is Ioannina, with 100,000 inhabitants. …

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There are three ports where a name can be registered: George Town, The Creek and Bloody Bay. If a name is not available in one port, it may be available in another. If the name is available, the owner can reserve it in all three ports. A name is reserved for a 12-month period and may be renewed. Names may be requested or reserved by an owner, an authorized person, a representative, or another party, such as a shipyard, especially in the case of new yachts, subject to the approval of the Registry Officer.

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The owner has the option to act on his own in registration matters or may appoint an authorized person to do so. If the owner (individual or legal entity) is not a resident of the islands, he/she must appoint a representative person who is.

The required forms, supporting documentation and fees for the various types of registrations and other services are detailed in the Cayman Islands Boat Registration and Related Services Matrix.

What frequencies can an EPIRB use?

It is a radioelectric equipment that when activated emits, using the 406 MHz frequency, a distress alert through the Cospas-Sarsat satellites. It should be used only in situations of grave and imminent danger. How is it activated? The EPIRB can be activated automatically or manually.

How much does a radio beacon cost?

MT603FG radio beacon, automatic activation – UNPROGRAMMED

588,00 € (RRP excluding VAT)

What is a radio beacon and what is it used for?

An emergency radio beacon is a small autonomous radio equipment used to send an emergency signal that includes the geographic position and a unique identification associated with the environment or person to which it belongs. They operate on the 406 Mhz frequency.

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I would like to get some advice. I am about to buy an epirb to install on the boat.the doubt is whether you can buy abroad and register it here, or is registered in the store where it is purchased. I have different versions on the matter and I would like to know the opinion of the forum.

Specifically, if you buy it in westmarine, don’t you have to register it with the supplier there? There are versions that the supplier has the obligation to make the registration detailing the data of the boat where it will be installed. Or you can buy it, bring it and process it at enacom without any problem.

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I tell you my experience with a personal EPIRB (24 hs battery): I bought it at West Marine in 2012 during a promotion. It arrived directly to my house and I was not charged for the customs clearance. I did have to pay 60 greenbacks for shipping, but they charged me here, so as not to increase the value of what I bought.

Here the SAR is at the base of El Palomar and what can be done, I understand that at no cost, is to change the information of a radio beacon already registered, in the case of buying it used, for example, or in my case, I changed boat and when I go to the water, I should update the data there.

What are the current EPIRB ELT and PLB?

EPIRB- RLS (Emergency Location Beacon), for maritime use. ELT (Emergency Location Transmitter) beacon for airplane or helicopter. PLB (Personal Locator Beacons) are for personal use and their purpose is to locate a person in distress who is away from normal emergency services.

What is ELT in aircraft?

The Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) is a radio frequency transmitter equipment that acts in case of an accident to warn about it and facilitate the location of an aircraft. … Current ELT models transmit on two frequencies: 406 MHz and 121.5 MHz.

How does the ELT work?

ELTs are powered by aircraft electrical power or batteries and are activated by the G-forces produced during impact or contact with water. Also, these equipment must withstand heat, submersion in water and must transmit on 406MHz and/or 121.5 MHz frequencies.

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How epirb works

An EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) is used as a distress alert system, indicating to SAR authorities the identity and position of a person or vessel, which is in imminent and grave danger and requires immediate assistance.

Self-activating EPIRBs are used on SOLAS vessels, e.g. a passenger ship, cargo ships or oil tankers. They are supplied in a plastic enclosure in which the sea switch of the EPIRB is deactivated. The plastic enclosure contains a spring loaded lever which automatically pushes the enclosure lid and releases the EPIRB if the vessel sinks. This automatic ejection is controlled by a device called a Hydrostatic Release Unit (HRU) which automatically releases the EPIRB when a depth of approximately 4-5 m is reached. Then, the EPIRB floats to the sea surface and activates the sea switch.

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