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What is the Additional Coverage for Catastrophic Diseases (CAEC), when and where should it be activated? CAEC is an additional benefit granted by some health insurance companies (*) that allows financing, subject to certain requirements and upon payment of a deductible, up to 100% of the expenses derived from inpatient and outpatient care provided by the CAEC network of providers designated by each one, within the country, and which are covered by the health plan.

The CAEC must be activated when the person is diagnosed with a health problem whose treatment represents a high cost (catastrophic expense). In order for this coverage to operate, the affiliated person or beneficiary must go to the health insurance company and request its activation.

It is a set of individual and institutional health care providers (clinics, medical centers, hospitals, etc.) that the isapres make available to their members in order to provide them with the Additional Coverage for Catastrophic Diseases (CAEC).

What is required to register a child with Social Security?

Appointment at the Social Security

The certificate of registration in the Civil Registry. The Family Book (or the literal certification of birth). The ID card and the Social Security card (the paper one, not the health card) of the person with whom the baby will be with.

How long can a baby go unregistered?

Physical enrollment must be done within the first 10 days of the baby’s life. However, if for any circumstance of major cause it is not possible to register the child, an extension of this period up to 30 days is contemplated.

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How to include a beneficiary in Social Security?

Once identified in Your Social Security, in the “Health Care” section, click on “Add new beneficiary” if we want to request the entitlement of a beneficiary or “download certificate” if once the entitlement has been consulted we want to obtain the document that proves the entitlement to health care.

How to enroll a beneficiary in the social security system

The baby is here! With it comes the first steps of his life to register him as the new little person he is. Usually it is the father who carries out these formalities while the mother is convalescing in the hospital for the first few days. There are many tasks to be carried out to register the newborn, register the newborn, apply for paternity and maternity leave, benefits, etc…. Here are the most important ones.

You must register the newborn at the Civil Registry between 24 hours and 8 days after the birth, or up to 30 days with a justified cause. This is the first step to register the new citizen, for which you will need the following documents:

If the baby was born outside the place of residence of the parents and you want to register it in that place, you will have to do it within the established period and also provide the following documents:

To register a newborn baby in the Padrón, you must first register him/her in the Civil Registry, in the address where both or one of the parents are registered, giving preference to the mother’s address.

How long do I have to register my child at the Civil Registry?

Timely birth registration shall be carried out within 60 days after the birth at the registry offices where the birth occurred or where the child lives.

How to register for Social Security for the first time?

How to get your Social Security number online for the first time. All you have to do is access the Social Security Headquarters and process the application. The Social Security number is obtained automatically when the first employment relationship begins.

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How much is the fine for not registering a baby 2021?

He detailed that from 0 to 6 months is the term for parents to register their children; after that period, a fine of 400 pesos must be paid, which added to the 168 pesos cost of the certificate, generates a surcharge of almost 500 pesos.

Newborn Social Security Newborn Registration Form

The procedure does not take long and must be carried out by the father or the mother, depending on who the child will be registered with. It is a good idea to check the Social Security address because that is where the documentation will be sent.

If the family also has private insurance, do not forget to include the new member, since the mother’s insurance only covers the baby during the first week of life. In general, a simple phone call is enough for the insurer to send us the new contract within a few days, which, once signed, must be sent by post.

After registering the birth of the baby, the next step is to call the family doctor to request the maternity leave paperwork. Then, the mother’s employer must be informed of the day on which the doctor certifies that the maternity leave begins, so that the employer can start processing the maternity leave…

Since January 1, 2021, paternity leave has been in force, extending its duration from 12 to 16 weeks, the same as that enjoyed by mothers. These are the main new features of the new regulation: It is effective for births occurring since last January 1. It…

How long do I have to register my baby in 2021?

The deadline to register your baby at the Civil Registry is from 24 hours after birth and eight days thereafter; in special cases up to 30 days are given. If the registration is not declared within 365 days after the birth, it is known as Extemporaneous Registration of Birth Certificate.

What happens if a child is not registered?

When a child’s birth is not registered, there is a risk of excluding the child from society by denying him or her the right to an official identity, a recognized name and a nationality.

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Who can be a beneficiary of Social Security?

Be an employee or self-employed worker, affiliated and registered or in a situation assimilated to that of registration. Be a pensioner of the Social Security system. Be a recipient of any other periodic Social Security benefit, including unemployment benefit or subsidy.

Baby Health Card

It is necessary to request a visit with the mother’s primary care physician at her Primary Care Center (CAP). They usually allow another person to pick up the maternity leave on behalf of the new mother.

Maternity leave works in a similar way to sick leave: the company pays the salary for the first two days and the rest (up to 16 weeks) is covered by the Social Security. That is why it is necessary for the human resources manager to prepare a certificate stating the mother’s salary. It is advisable to ask about the possibility of sending the necessary documents by fax or email before traveling, so that when you arrive you will find the certificate already prepared.this procedure is not necessary for self-employed workers.if you are receiving unemployment benefits, you must go to an INEM office to have it frozen while you start receiving maternity or paternity benefits. The documents to bring are the same and you will be issued a certificate equivalent to the company certificate.

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