Does caravan insurance cover water leaks?

Water damage covered by insurance

What happens if I suffer a burst pipe in my house? Does my home insurance cover this type of loss? From Seguros Quiero we answer these and other questions in the following article, we tell you more here!

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Water stopcock breakage

The Civil Code establishes that the seller will be obliged to take charge of the hidden defects that the sold thing has, in case they make it unfit for the use to which it is destined, or if they diminish in such a way that, if the buyer had known it, he would not have acquired it or he would have given less price for it.

You can complement the information that we contribute next, through other articles where we explained this type of claim: The sanitation of the hidden defects in the sale and purchase of vehicles and Hidden defects in the sale and purchase of vehicles between individuals.

This would occur, for example, in the case of a sale and purchase of a second-hand vehicle when the buyer is a mechanic by profession and consequently could have known the real state of the vehicle.

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In the same sense, the existing defects cannot be considered as hidden defects when the buyer, for whatever reason, has effective knowledge of the same, taking into account that, in such case, he will have had the opportunity to agree the price that suits him according to the real characteristics of the good object of the sale.

If a water main breaks, how long does it take to repair it?

Did you know where to go? Did you know how to do it? Did you know which things can be reported and which cannot? We believe that people do not know, and therefore, and for transparency, we are going to dedicate a set of Posts to this topic so requested and requested on so many occasions.

In the same way that there are police inspectors who prosecute crimes, labor inspectors who prosecute irregularities committed in the labor field or tax inspectors who are dedicated to pursue those who do not pay their taxes, insurance inspectors are dedicated to pursue those insurers who commit insurance violations. Therefore, when someone denounces an insurance company, the insurance inspectors will be the ones to take action and may impose the corresponding sanctions or punishments depending on the magnitude of the act. And be very careful because the sanctions can range from a simple verbal warning to very severe economic sanctions. In fact, the sanctions can reach fatal dimensions for the insurer that could imply the closing and liquidation of the insurer itself. Therefore, insurance inspectors are not to be trifled with.

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Broken pipes at home

A home insurance is the perfect way to avoid unforeseen domestic events and that your home is always protected. A home is the main investment of our life and it is essential to protect this patrimony.

The building is the building as such and the related elements. For example, it includes the structure, the constructive materials and the fixed installations that are part of the property. Fences, walls, gates, garages and storage rooms are part of the building, as are recreational and sports areas, as is the participation coefficient in the case of community buildings.

The contents are the assets of a dwelling that are found inside the dwelling and in its annexes. They are, in other words, the personal property of a household. For example, furniture, trousseau, decorative objects, household appliances or jewelry.

The sum insured of the building is the amount of money fixed in the particular conditions of the insurance contract that represents the maximum limit of the indemnity to be paid by the insurer in each claim. The sum insured for each guarantee is 100% of the insured building and contents, unless a different specific limit is indicated.

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