Does changing exhaust affect engine?

Advantages of dual exhaust

With a little training of the ears, any motorcycling enthusiast will be able to identify the type of motorcycle that is approaching. There is an infinite number of models on the market and each one has a particular sound.

The characteristic sounds are derived from the models and their configuration. For example, sports bikes produce a loud, high-pitched noise, which we identify with speed; touring or dual-purpose bikes produce a louder, but less intense sound, and the sound of high-capacity custom bikes is rather low-pitched.

The exhausts are used to direct the burnt gases towards the outside of the engine. The output is in the form of a pressure wave when the exhaust valve opens. When the wave reaches the outlet, the atmospheric pressure generates a wave in the opposite direction which travels down the pipe until it hits the exhaust valve again.

Nowadays there are electronically modulated exhaust pipes that comply with the regulations and work by means of a butterfly system in the exhaust that is modulated by a button on the handlebars.

What happens if I change the exhaust pipe?

The only thing you gain by removing the muffler and leaving the direct exhaust is engine noise …. “They are mufflers that of course fulfill their function of reducing noise but at the same time tune it to sound a little hoarser or thinner, depending on the customer’s taste.

What happens if I change the exhaust pipe of my motorcycle?

Altering these components could mean a decrease in engine performance and an increase in fuel consumption. It is therefore important that you know how they work and how to take care of them.

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How much horsepower does an exhaust pipe increase?

The rule of thumb is that 5 to 20 percent power gain can be expected, but it is directly proportional to the engine and its performance at the time the exhaust manifolds are installed.

Free exhaust damages engine

As it is logical, as a great part of the exhaust system is in the underbody of the car, it is one of the most vulnerable to knocks. Stones and objects thrown on the road, or entering a road where you shouldn’t, can be reason enough to end up breaking some part of the exhaust.

Where the exhaust is particularly vulnerable to corrosion and shocks is in the welded parts. But wherever it is, a broken exhaust pipe should be easily noticeable, because it produces anomalous noises that can even be annoying because of their volume. You can hear it when idling and/or accelerating, depending on the part that is affected. Although the most common is to hear it when we press the accelerator.

This occurs because, as we know, the exhaust is responsible for evacuating all exhaust gases into the atmosphere. So when they pass in greater quantity and at higher speed is when the parts that cause the noise will sound more.

The bad thing is that it is not an operation that can be done well if you do not have the right elements. Don’t even think of lifting the car with a simple jack and keeping it started while you look. If you don’t have a lift, the most reasonable option is to raise the rear axle with portable car ramps, such as those from Festnight or Cartrend.

What happens if I remove the muffler from my car?

There is reduced engine performance

With a muffler hole, the engine will start to fail very frequently. This will further create a series of failures in the car’s engine and, therefore, will never allow the engine to reach the expected performance.

When to change the exhaust pipe?

The general recommendation is to replace the exhaust pipe every approximately 80,000 kilometers, which means approximately every four years at an estimated average of 20,000 kilometers per year.

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When to change the car’s exhaust?

Every 80,000 kilometers: There is this general rule, which indicates that this element must be renewed in this period of time. It can be before or after, depending on the use of the vehicle; if the car remains unused for a long period of time, it should be renewed before that time.

What happens if I remove the muffler from my car?

The advantage I see to go like this is: the turbo is a beast and when I decelerate or clutch hits a bang that can be heard from end to end of any street, walk, entrador … hahaha, and also that for a diesel car makes a very nice noise going like this.

As far as I know, the free exhaust, apart from changing the sound, will improve the engine response at high rpm, when the gases are higher, since they do not find resistance. On the other hand, at low rpm, the exhaust gases do not benefit from the venturi effect (as they are free) and they will be released more slowly.

I know the case of an M3 with a 3,000€ exhaust that gave less power than with the stock exhaust. Keep in mind that the exhaust itself creates a “vacuum” (venturi effect) that helps to optimize the output of gases, and from the factory, we try to make it as good as possible.

And I know the Archimedes principle (the one where you wet the muffins in the coffee and if you drop it you put the whole table lost) because I had to write it 100 times the day it was explained in class!

What happens if I open the exhaust of my motorcycle?

The exhaust is actually responsible for releasing the gases in an orderly fashion. So, depending on how free the exhaust is, not having enough back pressure will cause some of the mixture entering the cylinder to pass unburned into the exhaust, decreasing engine performance.

How to make an exhaust pipe sound more serious?

Add a sound-amplifying exhaust tip. Exhaust nozzles with double walls, flared ends or large diameters can increase the volume of sound from the exhaust outlet.

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How much horsepower does a downpipe raise?

With the downpipe we can gain between 15 and 20 horses (depending on the engine displacement even more) if we combine it with one of our reprogramming of control units we could gain up to 120 extra horses and improving the sound of the vehicle.

Free exhaust motorcycle advantages and disadvantages

Unlike standard exhaust systems, the direct pipe exhaust system does not have a catalytic converter or a muffler, so there is absolutely nothing between the sounds produced by your engine and the rear of the car.

Vehicles are manufactured with an exhaust system that helps muffle the sound of a car’s engine so that it is not too noisy and does not create a nuisance, plus it has all the required systems in place so that it does not expel polluting gases.

If you decide to switch to direct pipe, it adds an expense to the car’s maintenance routine that otherwise would not exist. Even if you install an affordable straight pipe exhaust, you will still be incurring an expense that most people would not consider necessary.