Commands can also be entered in the multiplayer server console, but do not need to be preceded by a / when entered this way. Commands in the command block can be preceded by the slash /, but it is not required. Commands in a command block may also require an optional argument, usually a player’s username.

Alternatively, the maximum (but not minimum!) radius and coordinates can be provided more concisely, as long as they are of the first arguments (up to four) and without defining characters, for example:

Because the ‘c’ argument uses players from the end of the list first, when negative, @p[c=-1] can be used to select the farthest player instead of the nearest (with @e[c=-1] the farthest entity will be selected).

These commands can be used in the chat window by any player allowed to connect to a server, and can also be used in single player or even if cheats are not enabled.


For a guide to all the content of this release and the other versions of The Update That Changed the World, see the Java Edition / The Update That Changed the World guides.

1.7.2 , the first version of The Update That Changed the World , [1] is a major update to Minecraft ( Java Edition ) released on October 25, 2013, which added many new biomes, new generated structures, new flowers, stained glass windows. , better nets, new commands and more. [2]

How to set blocks in minecraft with commands

The command block is a way to execute commands to help maintain Creative mode, SMP automation and custom maps. To learn more about the block in detail, visit the Command Block page. It’s a good idea to look, even if the command block is isolated by base stone you can access the block with hacks like freecam or one that allows you to move to any specific coordinate using ender beads, if you access the command block you can give yourself OP.

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This will make it look and act like the person is on a moving sidewalk. It will be very noisy unless the command block output is first turned off. /gamerule commandBlockOutput false

The sensor will turn off the Redstone torch that will trigger the command block, which will set the time to 80,000 when there is not enough light for the sensor to feed the Redstone torch across the distance. In other words, the command block will set the time to noon, when it is dark enough. The light level when the command is activated varies with the distance of the Redstone wire. The time that is set will vary with the time written in the command block.


Returns information about the activities currently being processed for connected applications. Examples of such applications include dynamic SQL statements, static SQL statements, and loads.apphdl=descContextApplication.

Returns progress information about the database partition server add operation. This parameter only returns information when it is issued on the database partition server that is being

Specifies that this command should be executed on all active database partition servers on the local host system. This parameter will only report on database partition servers on the same physical machine on which db2pd is running.

Returns information about buffer pools. If the ID of a buffer pool is specified, information about that buffer pool will be returned. See the usage notes for -bufferpools.

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