TV tuner for pc

We have already talked about TDTChannels on previous occasions. This portal compiles links to all the official TV channels. On its website we can find more than 500 free channels, from RTVE, Atresmedia or Mediaset, to CNN, and even a large number of local and regional televisions.

Its channel list is made in a collaborative way through Github, being always updated. In addition, we can also access this site through the app for mobile devices, which also works for TVs with Android TV.

Tivify launched a few months ago a free plan in which to watch all DTT channels, with a visually attractive interface and the possibility of recording the contents for 30 days.

We can also find applications dedicated exclusively to managing the IPTV lists we add, something like a player focused solely on this function. In the Microsoft Store we can find some of these applications, such as MyIPTV Player.

How to watch cable tv on my laptop

In front of the television, which is the conventional medium, the Internet is gaining prominence in the consumption of television content, both live and on demand. However, not all channels are adapted to this form of consumption, while the bulk of the grid is available from the computer and mobile devices by this way, the web version through the web browser. But how can you watch television over the Internet?

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As for the Internet connection, Internet-adapted channels have a buffering that is responsible for preloading the content so that there are no cuts in the broadcast, and require around 3 Mbps minimum for a smooth experience. For maximum image and sound quality, however, connections higher than 10 Mbps are recommended. In any case, this depends on the broadcast format -and compression- of each online channel.

Watch free cable channels on pc

Nowadays there are so many options to watch TV on a computer that the offer is overwhelming. It’s all a matter of assessing your needs. Are you looking for the free TV channels that broadcast on DTT? Do you want to explore other lesser known channels with different content? Are you looking for something with recording features? Do you want everything to work on a desktop client or do you prefer to use a web browser? Do you want everything to be very easy to set up or are you willing to get your hands dirty to expand your options? Everything counts when it comes to the choice. We have reviewed all the possibilities we have come up with and have selected the ones we think are the best for one reason or another. If you know of any other way that we have not included, we look forward to hearing from you.

Here are the main ways to watch live TV with a PC and the important thing, how to do it in each case well explained. Choose the alternative that you like, some previous configuration steps and enjoy your entertainment.

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Free tv channels

You no longer need to sit in front of the TV (or even own one) to watch your favorite channels live. With the right software and a good Internet connection, it is possible to receive thousands of programs, movies, series or sports broadcasts from all over the world on your PC screen. This all sounds great, but it may not be so easy if you don’t know where to start. Here we explain step by step how to do it.

Megacubo works with IPTV lists, which are nothing more than files in which the web addresses of many TV channels are compiled. These addresses have only one disadvantage, and that is that they are constantly renewed. What does this mean? That the lists included in the program or shared by other users may stop working from one day to another and we will then have to get an updated version of them. But don’t worry, there are many sites that offer these links for free.

Of course, the first thing to do is to download Megacubo and run the installation file. Let the wizard guide you, but be careful not to install the other applications it will offer you during this process.

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