How do I find my V5 number without logbook?

Questions about electronic books

Otherwise, I will have to continue keeping it in a physical way, that is to say, manually or by means of loose or continuous sheets. When do I declare the additional domicile in the System of Electronic Books – SLE? In principle, you are only requested to declare the additional domicile in the System of Electronic Books – SLE to the one that has the condition of Principal Taxpayer. Such domicile can be an annex establishment of the same taxpayer or of a third party.

Simplified Version: Format 8.3: Field 15 (Other concepts, taxes and charges that are not part of the taxable base)How should the deductions be recorded in the Electronic Purchase Register? The VAT deductions must be recorded in the Electronic Register of Purchases in the following fields: Complete Version: Form 8.1: Field 31 (Date of issuance of the Deposit Proof of the Deduction)

How do I know if I am required to keep electronic books?

New obligations to keep electronic books

Those who are obliged to keep electronic sales records from November 2021 to March 2022, may choose to do so from the PLE or SLE portal.

How do I know if I am a PLE member?

Electronic Books Program – PLE

At the bottom of your identification data you will find the following status regarding your affiliation to the Electronic Book System: The PLE is recognizing your affiliation status, which gives you the status of Electronic Book Generator.

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How to declare e-books 2021?

When are they due? As of fiscal year 2021 only one due date schedule has been published for the electronic sales and purchase register. When should books be closed? Books and/or accounting records in manual or computerized format must be closed before using electronic books.

How to register a cancelled invoice in the sales registry.

The rates for the payment of fees for procedures and services offered by this Institute of the Registry Function of the State of Mexico, are published in articles 95 to 103 of the Financial Code of the State of Mexico and Municipalities, which you can consult by clicking here.

To acquire the invoice of your procedure you must enter the link: and enter the data required by the system. You must have at hand: the line of capture, proof of payment and RFC card.

What happens if e-books are not declared?

Conclusion. The fine for not presenting electronic books is 0.6% of net income, with a gradual regime of 90%.

How do I know if I am required to keep electronic books 2021?

As of January 1, 2021, taxpayers who have obtained income equal to or greater than 75 UIT in the period between May of this year and April of the previous year must keep electronic books, according to Cecilia Ayllón, an official of the Management of Guidance and Services-SUNAT.

How do I know if I am Prico?

The Prico company has obtained gross revenues equal to or greater than 3000 UIT in the 2020 fiscal year (the UIT of the year 2020 will be taken as the basis).

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RAF Detail of Revalued and Non-Revaluated fixed assets (7.1) 2. RAF Detail of the Exchange Difference (7.3)3. RAF Detail of the fixed assets under the Financial Leasing modality (7.4)

1. Record of perpetual inventory in physical units – detail of perpetual inventory in physical units. (12.1)2. Record of valuated perpetual inventory – detail of valuated inventory. (13.1)

Cost record – statement of annual cost of sales (10.1)2. Cost register – monthly cost elements (10.2)3. Cost register – annual valued production cost statement (10.3)4. Cost register – cost center (10.4)


What are the SUNAT e-books?

What is an Electronic Book? It is a text format file that complies with the specifications (structures and validations) indicated by SUNAT and has legal value for all purposes, as long as it is generated in the Electronic Book System – SLE through the Electronic Book Program – PLE.

What are the electronic books of account?

The Electronic Accounting Books are computer files like an Excel Sheet or a Word Document. That is to say, they are worked, processed and saved in a computer or laptop. In order to give them form, the program “Notepad” of Windows is used. The figure above corresponds to an Electronic Sales Record.

How are e-books generated?

Electronic books are files in text format implemented by SUNAT to control and record the accounting and tax information of a business. To generate an electronic book, the application developed by SUNAT: PLE (Electronic Books Program) must be installed on a computer.

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How do i find my v5 number without logbook? en línea

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