How do I find my V5C number without logbook?

Free vehicle information by license plate

Except for the ‘vehicles in my name’ report, where you need to be the owner of the vehicle or a third party authorized on your behalf to download it, the rest of the reports are available to anyone, whether or not they are the owner of the vehicle.

We recommend that before purchasing the vehicle, you request a complete report of the vehicle in order to verify the existence of liens, seals, bankruptcy proceedings or any other charge of administrative or judicial nature. It will also provide you with information about the validity of the technical inspection or other technical data, including the repairs and revisions that have been carried out by the workshops attached to our digital maintenance book or workshop book.

Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Programme) is an automotive safety program supported by several European governments, many vehicle manufacturers and automotive-related organizations around the world, which has created a five-star safety rating system to help you compare vehicles more easily and identify the safest vehicles. For more information, please visit

How do I know which cars I have had in my name?

Already in the Provincial Headquarters of the Directorate General of Traffic that corresponds to you, providing your ID card, the official will give you a printed paper called certificate of data and which will state all the vehicles you have in your name. You will have to pay a fee of around 8 euros.

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How to know the registration data of a car?

One of the possibilities offered by the DGT application is to consult the data of any vehicle registered in Spain. To do this, we must access the tab ‘My Procedures’. After that, click on the “Vehicle Report” option.

How to request a vehicle report from Traffic?

To obtain the report of a vehicle from the app, you must go to the main menu of the application and enter the section ‘My procedures’ -> ‘Vehicles’ -> ‘Vehicle report’. In case you choose a detailed report, you will be able to buy the necessary fee directly from the app itself.

Free dgt report

The rates for the payment of fees for procedures and services offered by this Institute of the Registry Function of the State of Mexico, are published in articles 95 to 103 of the Financial Code of the State of Mexico and Municipalities, which you can consult by clicking here.

To acquire the invoice of your procedure you must enter the link: and enter the data required by the system. You must have at hand: the line of capture, proof of payment and RFC card.

How to make a free Carfax in Spanish?

Get free reports directly from the Carfax website. The Carfax website lists used cars for sale at car dealerships near you. Find a car that interests you. Visit this page and click on the “Find a Car” button at the top of the screen.

How do I know if a car is still in my name for free?

In order to know, without any doubt, if the car is still in our name after selling it, it is necessary to request a vehicle report from the DGT. In this report we will see the information associated with the vehicle in the DGT database in Spain, which is updated every day.

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How do I know if a car is still in my name for free?

The digital system of the DNRPA allows to know without leaving home and at no cost where the vehicle is registered based on the license plate number. From the page, select the “queries” segment and from there choose the option “registration by license plate” to make the query.

Vehicle registration report

You will get the most money for your car when you sell it privately. Use online trading websites such as (autotrader), online auction sites such as Cars eBay or classifieds, for example gumtree.

You can also take your car off the road and register it – off the road (SORN) and if it cannot be sold, due to its poor condition, you may be able to sell it to a scrap yard for parts. Learn more about car-related problems in London.

Used cars can be found at used car dealerships, private sellers, car auction showrooms, online car trading and in classifieds. Search for your nearest used car dealer or online auction sites, you can also visit used car websites like ebay cars, autotrader, gumtree, parkers, vcars, cargiant.

Every person who drives the car should be insured. You can check the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to see if your car has a valid insurance policy at

How much does a vehicle report cost?

Complete Official DGT Vehicle Report. Price and where to get it: 8,67 € (rate year 2021) if you request it in person or online at the DGT E-Office with digital certificate. 12,50 to 20 € if you ask for it in an agency.

How long does an online traffic report take?

Time of management and delivery of traffic reports:

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Normal: Dispatch within 24 Business Hours. (24 Hours) Urgent: Sending in approximately 20-30 minutes, never later than 1 Hour (from 9:00 to 0:00).

How much does Carfax charge?

A CARFAX Vehicle History Report costs $39.00 per vehicle if purchased through the CARFAX website.

Report a vehicle by license plate

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1. Record of the perpetual inventory in physical units – detail of the perpetual inventory in physical units. (12.1)2. Record of valuated perpetual inventory – detail of valuated inventory. (13.1)

Cost register – statement of annual cost of sales (10.1)2. Cost register – monthly cost elements (10.2)3. Cost register – annual valued production cost statement (10.3)4. Cost record – cost center (10.4)