How do I remove digital TV tuner device registration application in Windows 7?

Digital tv tuner device registration application windows 7

You may have seen that your system is becoming very slow and you can’t use it. Then try running a scan using antivirus, and among the list of programs that are affecting your system, one would be Digital TV tuner device registration application.

The Digital TV tuner device registration application is part of Windows Media Center and is a scheduled task. It helps you watch premium digital cable channels from your cable provider on your system.

As you know, almost all installed programs store data in your system and its registry, which results in fragmentation and creates invalid entries. Therefore, it will slow down your system performance.

One way to troubleshoot digital TV tuner device recording application problems is to stop the process that is causing it, the ehprivjob.exe process. Follow the steps below to resolve this problem:

The ehdrminit task is one of the causes of the Digital TV tuner device recording application problem. Therefore, disabling this task will help resolve the Device TV Tuner device recording application problem. Simply follow the steps below to disable the process:

Should i remove it

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Windows media center store update manager

There are users who are looking for a solution to deal with the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. Many antivirus will report that because of this cause it is slowing down the PC by 69% or sometimes much more.

Speaking clearly and precisely, Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application is a program that was intended to fulfill Windows Media Center functions. We will be able to visualize TV channels in a very good Full HD quality thanks to the provider that generates such service.

If it is about the security of your computer, it will not be necessary to delete the Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application. The process behind it (ehPrivJob.exe) will also be no problem.

Certainly ehPrivJob. Exe will not cause or use system boosts as long as it is inactive, so there is no need to remove it. There are situations when the ehPrivJob executable crashes and stops running at full speed even when the PC is not in TV tuning.


We will now proceed to explain step by step how to tune the DTT of your TV. If you want to know when each community has to have their antennas adapted, to know when you will have to retune your TV, you can look at the news section of the official website created by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Now we will explain how to retune the DTT on Samsung TVs that use Tizen as operating system. Here too, remember that depending on the model the steps may change, but in general they should not differ too much.

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We now move on to explain how to retune the DTT on TVs with Android TV as operating system, such as TVs from brands like Sony. Here there should not be many changes, but some models may have modified some options.