How do I stop my car windows from scratching?

How to clean car windows at home

If we are certain that it was, for example, a neighbor, because the car has been scratched in the community garage or on the sidewalk in front, a good option is to ask the community to let you place security cameras in the garage or around the community perimeter.  It won’t show you who did it because the cameras were not there at the time your car was scratched, but it will deter whoever did it from repeating the act in the future. However, be aware that neighbors may refuse to give you permission.

Other forms of surveillance, which more and more people are adopting, are internal surveillance systems. There would be, in this case, no need to ask permission from the community of neighbors since your car is your private property. These systems are placed inside the rear-view mirrors of the vehicle itself. The cameras have a motion sensor and are activated when someone approaches, recording the perimeter of your vehicle. The best thing about this option is that the cameras are not visible to the wrongdoers. You will be able to catch them in the act. This will undoubtedly be the main evidence in a possible trial against our offender.

What can I do to prevent the car windows from fogging up?

Water and white vinegar

Mix the two ingredients in equal parts in a spray bottle. Apply a little on a dry cloth and spread it all over the inside of the glass. You will get a spectacular cleaning and prevent moisture from adhering.

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What is the best way to clean car windows?

Use a bucket full of water and a rag or cloth to wet the inside of the vehicle windows. Moisten the newspaper with soap and water. Make up and down movements with the wet paper to reach the entire surface of the windshield. Rinse the windows with clean water.

How to clean window panes on the outside?

In order to clean the exterior windows well, we must use a little dishwashing soap, water and a sponge. In order that the crystals remain as you want them, you must wring out the sponge well. On the other hand, another trick is to use hot water mixed with a good proportion of ammonia.

How to clean a greasy windshield from the inside

Before applying the soap, you must wet the glass completely to soften the hardened dirt, product of wet dirt and stuck insects. Never try to remove it with hard objects such as spatulas, cards or coins, among others, as you could scratch the glass.

The correct way to rub the windshield while applying the soap is through horizontal and vertical passes, because if you do it in circular movements it is as if you were polishing the surface, and it could leave stains.

Another important point in the care of windshields are the wipers or feathers, which you must make sure are in good condition; that they are not dry or broken, to avoid scratching the glass and that when using them they fulfill their function correctly.

What is the best way to clean glass?

To clean glass and windows, a mixture of warm water and soap should be used. The first step is to wipe with a cloth dampened with water, and then wipe vigorously when sufficient dirt or stains caused by grease, dirt or other elements that mark the glass have accumulated on the glass.

Why do car windows fog up on the outside?

Why do car windows fog up? Basically because of the difference between the temperature outside the car and inside. The water vapor contained in the air creates humidity and saturation, and warm air has the most of it.

How to clean heavily soiled window panes?

Mix one cup of white vinegar with two tablespoons of baking soda. Apply the thick mixture to heavily soiled glass and let it sit for 20 minutes. This is especially effective against limescale stains and is also effective against grease stains. Remove the remains with a damp cloth and you are ready.

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How to clean the inside of the windshield so it does not fog up

Once the windshield is clean, add windshield washer fluid inside the spark plug reservoir so that the protection of the glass is constant and that there are no accumulations of water and contaminants that generate formations that affect the visibility when driving, as well as the appearance of your car.

They are exposed to corrosion derived from water contaminants, and you cannot protect them so easily because they are not sprayed with windshield washer fluid, unless they have spark plugs on the medallion. Therefore, you must protect them every time you wash your car.

It is advisable to do this every time you wash your car. If you want more tips on how to take care of your car, what are you waiting for to visit our blog? You will discover all the tips you can apply to your car and other vehicles using our products.

When do car windows fog up?

Car windows fog up when the air inside the vehicle becomes humid and accumulates more water than the air outside. It is basically a humidity issue, which usually occurs in winter but can also happen at any time of the year, such as a rainy summer day.

How to clean very tall window panes?

Clean tall windows

To clean tall windows, mix half white vinegar and half water as a cleaning solution in a large bucket. You can also use dishwashing liquid mixed with water, but, only a few drops of dishwashing liquid, otherwise the water will be too soapy.

How to brighten a dull glass?

To remove stains on opaque glass, mix a cup of hot water with 3 tablespoons of baking soda and stir. With the help of a cloth, clean the glass and windows with this solution and you will see how shiny they will be. We recommend drying the surface with a microfiber cloth for a better result.

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How to clean car windows on the inside

Because cleaning the windows of the car provides us with optimal visibility on the road, while keeping them dirty is dangerous for the circulation, as it considerably reduces visibility. So cleaning car windows should almost be a must.

Car windows can also be cleaned with alcohol. The dirt of the crystals comes out very well with this product, although it is necessary to apply it when we have removed the most embedded dirt with soap and water, especially if there are mosquitoes, since alcohol evaporates quickly and would not be effective for dirt too embedded.

To clean the windows of the car, it will be necessary to close all the windows first, this way we will make sure that water does not enter inside. Then, we will use the hose to spray pressurized water, which will remove all the dust, dirt and the most common dirt that may be on the windows. In this way, we will avoid making scratches.

A good trick to clean the windshield wiper is to use moistened newspaper. To clean the inside of the car windows, we can also simply use kitchen paper, also moistened. We will use a bucket and a more adjusted quantity of water to be able to wet the interior part of the car.