How do you identify diplomatic plates?

Spanish license plates

Regardless of the technical characteristics published in the Mexican Official Standard NOM-001-SCT-2,<Norma-001 /> some states request extra elements to avoid the falsification of license plates such as: images printed in invisible ink, which reacts to black light, a reflective paper with aluminum bubbles, bar codes such as base 39, 110 or recently PDF417, rivets with the legend “SCT” and sometimes a floating image.

In the future it will be possible to identify a vehicle simply by passing near an antenna, at pay booths, checkpoints or control points, being able to extract the complete data of the owner, vehicle information such as VIN, make, line, model, etc., as well as to know if it has any infraction or tax debt. This will have benefits for the fight against crime and vehicle control.

What are diplomatic plates?

What is a Diplomatic Vehicle? It is the vehicle that is originally identified with Diplomatic Plates, which exclusively accredit its owners as Diplomatic Representatives of a Foreign Country or as Delegates of an International Organization before the Colombian Government.

Which agency issues the diplomatic plates?

Diplomatic, consular and special mission service plates shall be supplied by the Ministry of Transportation or by the entity delegated for such purpose, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

What are the Diplomatic Corps license plates like?

The red ones belong to the Diplomatic Corps (DC); the green ones belong to the Consular Posts (CC), the blue ones identify the vehicles belonging to the International Organizations (IO), and finally the yellow one refers to the Technical-Administrative Staff (TA).

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How to know where the license plates of a vehicle are from

A vehicle license plate is a combination of alphabetical or numerical characters that identifies and individualizes the vehicle with respect to others; they are represented on a metal or plastic plate on which the characters are engraved or affixed in an unalterable way.

In most countries, automobiles, as well as other vehicles of a minimum engine displacement, must have one plate with the license plate on the front and another on the rear, although in some places or on some types of vehicles only the rear plate is required.

Exempt from the above format are vehicles of the Diplomatic Corps, Consular Corps, Non-Governmental Organizations, International Mission, Departmental Government and some vehicles of the Police, Armed Forces and Emergency Services.

Some police and fire vehicles have the following format: PNX 123 and the inscription NATIONAL POLICE at the bottom (X referring to the department, e.g.: PNL 456 corresponding to a patrol car).

How do you read license plates?

For vehicles classified as private trucks, they are assigned two letters followed by five or four numbers, depending on the state. The series of letters contained in the plates are assigned to each state of the country, which allows the identification of the origin of the vehicle.

What is the operating card?

The operation card is the only document that authorizes a motor vehicle to provide public passenger transportation services under the responsibility of a transportation company, according to the authorized services.

What are Colombia diplomatic plates?

Blue plates are used only on diplomatic, consular and special mission vehicles. These identifiers are composed of two letters and four numbers in white (AA 1234) together with the word ‘Colombia’. These plates are issued through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic plates colombia

“License plates are the identification of a vehicle and it corresponds to the Ministry of Transportation to assign their series, ranges and codes, and to the competent Transit authorities or to whom this Ministry authorizes, their elaboration and delivery”.

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Vehicle license plates are classified in Colombia according to the service provided by the vehicle, and must be carried at the front and back in a visible place in the case of cars. For motorcycles, quads or any other vehicle derived from these, the regulation indicates that the plate must be located at the rear. Thus, the plates are oriented as follows:

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What is a diplomat in Mexico?

A diplomat is a public servant, whether by career or political appointment, who represents the State in international relations. The basic functions of a diplomat are the representation of the State to which he/she belongs, negotiation and expropriation.

What does the color of the license plates mean in Colombia?


Blue: diplomatic, consular service and technical mission. White: public service and special transportation. Red: no longer exist, they were for temporary transit. Today it is possible to transit without license plates, but with a special permit.

How are the diplomatic plates in Spain?

Diplomatic plates

They are identified with the letters CD to identify vehicles of the Diplomatic Corps and can be recognized because they have a red background with white characters. Those bearing the characters CC refer to Consular Corps vehicles and have a green background with white characters.

Types of plates in Colombia

G. Transfer of the vehicle to the location designated by the Buyer, where it will remain parked until the yellow plates are obtained (Average time: 3 months with the vehicle immobilized for being without plates).

H. The Embassy sends the Diplomatic Plates, the Property Card, and the Original Import Documents of the Vehicle to the Honorable Ministry of Foreign Affairs. – (Average response time from the Ministry is two (02) to three (03) weeks).

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K. Return of the Documents plus the respective Release from DIAN to the Embassy, for the subsequent Forwarding of the Vehicle Documents to the Honorable Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . – Average time of response from the Ministry from Two (02) to Three Weeks (03).

– Official Use, are vehicles that are part of the daily use fleet of the Diplomatic Mission, generally have an assigned driver, and whose sale is done, in general, under the Modality of Offer, Auction or Auction.

– For Personal Use, the vehicle will be authorized for sale once it completes 12 months with its respective license plates, and will be exempt from payment of Import and Nationalization Taxes, when the official has completed at least 12 months in Colombia, however, the Ministry will only authorize its sale 30 days before the departure of the official, by Termination of Mission, or when the official completes 24 months in Colombia and his Diplomatic mission has been extended, by Renewal.