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Anywhere, anytimeEnjoy unlimited movies and series on your favorite compatible devices.New to Amazon Prime? Sign up for Prime VideoPrime Video is now available for many devices.

Find your device in the list below and follow the instructions to get started. For more information, visit the Prime Video Compatible Devices section.Smart TVs and Blu-Ray Players1. If the Amazon Prime Video app is not already pre-installed on your Smart TV or Blu-Ray player, download it from the Apps section of your device.

Select a movie or series and enjoy.Media Player1. Open the Prime Video app. If you have not yet installed the app, you can download it from the app store from your media player.

Link amazon prime with tv

If you are an Amazon Prime user you should know that in addition to the great advantages you will have in the online store, it also offers included in the Prime service access to its Online Video platform. Amazon Prime Video offers a wide variety of movies, series and original content from Amazon. One of the advantages of this device is the ability to connect multiple devices to one account to enjoy videos anywhere.

In this tutorial not only allows you to view the devices on which you have registered your Amazon Prime Video account but you can also unregister them so that they can not make use of it.

That said, we want to show you step by step how to view and delete the devices that make use of your Amazon Prime Video account from your computer or from your cell phone either iPhone or iPad:

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Register on the amazon website

Forget the hassle of spending hours comparing prices. On this page you will be able to be guided by the experience of other users, compare prices instantly and look at each and every one of the different brands and their types in one place to stay with the register device on amazon prime video that you like.

Opt for a smart purchase, shopping in stores was left behind, like all things shopping has also been updated, and shopping online is much more efficient than shopping in physical stores.

For this section we dared to compendium the best reviews that our buyers have left at the time of acquiring models of register device on amazon prime video; here you can easily appreciate the comments of consumers who have the product in their hands. In this way you can decide if it is convenient for you to purchase that product or you want to go for another model or category.

Manage amazon prime devices

Linking Amazon Prime Video to your TV, mobile, Blu-ray and any other streaming playback device or your video game console is a fairly simple procedure and is that, usually, we like to enjoy the content of this platform through other means of reproduction and not necessarily from the web on our computer.

First of all (and it may be quite obvious) you must have an Amazon Prime Video account, in fact if you do not have one you can start there and you can also enjoy a free trial period to be sure to sign up for the service, but you can also proceed to register your devices. How to get cheap Netflix for less than 3 euros per month Register TV and other devices on Amazon Prime Video

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