How is permanent disability amount calculated?

Cases of total permanent disability

There are three ways of calculating how much a worker who has suffered total permanent disability can receive in his or her pension. To do so, several factors must be taken into account, such as, on the one hand, the contribution base to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), and, on the other hand, whether or not the worker was registered with the Social Security at the time of the disability.

However, the amount that can be obtained does not stop there, and depending on the cause, whether it was caused by an accident at work or not at work, the amount that will be collected will also be different, always being 100% of the regulatory base that may belong to the affected person. Although both amounts cannot be below the minimum established by the INSS itself, which establishes three different minimum economic amounts depending on the family situation of the affected person:

But it should be noted that these are not fixed amounts that the worker affected by this degree of disability will receive. Rather, they are minimum bases that will be delivered in the event that, in the calculation of the regulatory base that he/she is entitled to receive as a pension, it is less than the amounts established by the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, which is held by José Luis Escrivá.

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How much is paid for permanent disability?


Thus, the maximum amount of permanent disability pension for the year 2021 in Spain is €2,707.49 per month, or, in other words, €37,904.86 per year, an amount that could be increased by the Severe Disability supplement or the benefit surcharge.

How is permanent disability assessed?

The declaration of the situation of permanent disability in a specific degree must be assessed by a Disability Assessment Team (EVI). The EVIs are located in each Provincial Directorate of the INSS and the specific team that assesses each individual is the one located in the place where he/she lives.

What happens if you are granted permanent disability?

The granting of a permanent disability usually terminates the employment contract. … If the INSS considers that the worker can improve within two years, the company is obliged to reserve the job during those two years. The employment relationship is not extinguished, but suspended.

Examples of total permanent disability in Mexico

The difference in this graduation is that in the first one, 55% of the regulatory base is recognized, which is increased to 75% due to the difficulty of finding another job, for example, due to age, while in the second one, 100% of the base is granted.

In any case, the minimum amount of 6930 euros will always be guaranteed in accordance with the above, regardless of any other issue, without having to apply for it, since the minimum is guaranteed to all beneficiaries regardless of their age.

What benefits does a person with permanent disability have?

Tax benefits in the Income Tax Return and payment of Personal Income Tax. Availability to apply for unemployment benefits. Financial aid for the self-employed. Aid for the registration of vehicles and application of the reduced VAT of 4% in the acquisition of a vehicle.

How long does total permanent disability last?

The economic benefit for total permanent disability (IPT) consists of a monthly lifetime pension, which may exceptionally be replaced by a lump-sum compensation when the beneficiary is under 60 years of age.

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How much will pensions rise in 2021?

Therefore, pensioners will continue to suffer cuts in their purchasing power for another year. Also, since the Executive approved a pension increase of 0.9% for 2021 and the year-on-year CPI has been 2.5%, in mid-January pensioners will receive an extra income of 1.6%.

Regulatory basis for permanent disability

The degree of disability can be maintained, reduced, increased or withdrawn. There is no non-reviewable total permanent disability, although if it is won in court, it is less frequent that it is reviewed.

Both could have another type of employment that is not influenced by their physical limitations. A concrete example would be total permanent disability due to shoulder tendinitis, but there can be as many ailments as there are files.

In general, case law has been establishing that the usual occupation is not necessarily the one that coincides with the specific and concrete tasks carried out in a job, but the one made up of the functions for which the worker is qualified, that is to say, those that from an objective point of view make up the exercise of his or her profession.

In the event that the amount of the total disability benefit is higher than the amount of the temporary disability benefit that the worker was receiving, the economic effects will be retroactive to the date of termination of the benefit.

How is the medical board assessed?

Therefore, what the medical board actually assesses is not the severity of your pathology or injury itself, but the relationship between that reality and the labor market. … In short, your pathology may be very serious, but that is not the reason why you will be proposed for absolute disability. It depends on what you are disabled for.

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How many times can permanent disability be applied for?

How many times can I apply for permanent disability? There is no pre-established limit of applications. A disability can be reapplied for through administrative channels if the judicial channels have already been exhausted or if other pathologies have arisen.

Who pays while the permanent disability is being processed?

Thus, the payment of the permanent disability pension will be the responsibility of the National Institute of Social Security in the case of common illness or non-occupational accident. Meanwhile, in the case of an occupational disease or accident at work, it will be the responsibility of the mutual insurance company.

How is partial permanent disability calculated?

To obtain the approximate amount to be received for a permanent disability pension, the first step is to calculate the regulatory base. It must be taken into account that since it is a contributory benefit, the amount to be received will be determined by the Social Security contribution.

However, it is advisable to consult an expert in labor and permanent disability matters to calculate a possible amount of the pension to be received. This is an effective way to obtain the most realistic approximation possible of the benefit.