Birth registration in mexico

– As of December 16, 2016, the 2015 births figure was updated, due to the rectification of the information for Chihuahua in the variables date of registration and birth, in order to improve the presentation of the data, based on statistical criteria.

– As of December 19, 2018, the 2017 births information was rectified, in the variables locality of occurrence of the birth and habitual residence of the mother, survival status of the registered person and employment status of the mother and father.

How many births are registered?


In Mexico, during 2020, there were 1,629,211 births registered in the Civil Registry offices. The rate of registered births per 1,000 women of reproductive age1 was 47.9, down 13.1 units from the previous year.

How many births are there in 2021?

In total, 140 million children are expected to be born in 2021. In addition, their average life expectancy is estimated to be 82 years.

How to register an abandoned baby?

In case both are Mexicans, both documents must be presented. Identification of the person to be registered or any type of official documentation that accredits their identity. Valid official identification of both parents. Certificate of non-existence issued by the Civil Registry of the State of birth.

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Births in Mexico 2019

In general terms, birth registration is the process of officially registering a birth with a government authority, and a birth certificate is the document issued by the state to the parents or caregivers as a result of this process. A birth certificate proves that registration has occurred.

In other cases, parents may be unaware of birth registration or may not understand its importance. Cost is also a significant barrier: parents may not have the resources to meet the costs associated with registration, including the expense of travel to registration sites or late fees.

Some ethnic or religious minorities have lower birth registration rates than the national average. This may be because their culture places more emphasis on other customs (such as naming ceremonies), or because they are marginalized and often live in remote areas, or are not recognized by their governments.

How many births are there per year?

In 2020, 179 thousand babies were born, almost 14% less than the 208 thousand in 2019. Similarly, in 2019 it had already fallen by 4% and in 2018 by 6%. In other words, births had been falling, but in 2020 they would have fallen even more. But, how accurate are these data?

How many people are born each year?

In 2019, the number of registered births in Mexico reached 2.09 million, which represented a 3.3% drop compared to what was reported in 2018.

What is the birth rate in Mexico 2021?

In 2021, the average number of daughters and sons per woman during her reproductive life (total fertility rate, TFR) is estimated to be 2.03 children.

What happens if a child does not have a birth certificate?

After 40 days after the birth, if the birth took place in a medical establishment, the Provincial Registry performs the registration ex officio. In this case, the mother must present herself and the newborn at a delegation to receive the birth certificate and to process the DNI (National Identity Card).

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In the cases of in-person procedures indicated above, the procedure is carried out at the Delegation of the Provincial Registry of Persons corresponding to the place of birth or at the delegation corresponding to the parent(s) by domicile. There are also delegations in hospitals, you can consult them by clicking on the following button.

How many girls are there in the world 2021?

There are 1.1 billion girls in the world, and every one of them deserves equal opportunities for a better future. They are a source of power, energy and creativity.

Why is the birth rate decreasing?

Why is the birth rate decreasing? “The trend towards a decrease in the number of births has to do with changes in the role of women, but also with urbanization, the more hedonistic or individualistic culture.

How many children were born in 2016?

In 2016, 410,583 children were born in Spain, of which 211,087, 51.41%, were male and 199,496, 48.58%, were female…. In 2016, 9707 fewer children were born than in 2015, so the number of births has decreased by 2.30%.

Births 2020

No more than two simple names or one compound name may be assigned that are considered as such in general Ecuadorian usage. In the case of children of a foreign father or mother, these two names may be freely chosen.

Names that constitute extravagant, ridiculous words or that denigrate human dignity or that express things or notions may not be assigned, unless their use as names has been traditionally consecrated.

In the event that the mother is physically unable and none of those obliged to register the birth is available, the health professional or the person who attended the birth has the obligation to notify and request the registration, which will be made based on the data contained in the statistical certificate of the live birth. Failure to do so will be sanctioned in accordance with the Law.

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When a third person appears who is not obliged to register a birth, the filiation will be recorded in the special power of attorney containing the power granted by the parent or parents to carry out the registration or recognition and other requirements established for this purpose in the Regulations of the Law.

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