How much does a farrier Cost UK?

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HIMMERSHINING ASSISTANT COURSE: Do not miss the opportunity offered by this farrier assistant course to develop the skills and professional competencies necessary to meet your goals in the workplace, and also at the best price. Do not wait any longer and request information without obligation.

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Well, as I said, he has registered a farrier like the top of a pine tree, now this forum will grow enormously with his knowledge. The best racehorses in England pass through his hands, not to say that his hands are tireless and wise forgers of horseshoes.

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I hope he will soon make his presentation, for example with some photos of his work. Snow White, I am also a farrier (registered and all), but for shoeing with aluminum, you don’t have to be a good farrier. I don’t know if he shoes in France, what I do know is that the best racehorses in England pass through his hands. Let’s wait for his presentation in the forum, I’m sure he will not disappoint you.

I am sorry to enter this forum having raised so much expectation. My friend FarrrierVito makes my face red with shame on the one hand (note**forgive my spelling, but my keyboard is English!) and on the other hand red with surprise for such a long presentation. I have been following this forum and another one dedicated to the farrier’s world (and more) for a long time. If I have not participated until now is partly to avoid polemics and vain discussions that really will not help any horse and on the other hand not to seem that I want to “dazzle” with a “superior knowledge”. It is not my intention to be neither Senorita Pepis, nor Encarna by night, nor any oracle.

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Farriers fit and change horseshoes, but they also make custom horseshoes by forging them out of iron. Therefore, a farrier’s job is a combination of horse care and farriery. Being a farrier is hard work, so you should take some time to learn more about the profession before continuing your training. If you want to become a farrier, there are programs at colleges as well as long-term internships that you can complete. Once you earn your credentials, you can start your own farrier business.

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All this is told to us by Fernando Torrent, with almost a quarter of a century of experience in the millenarian farrier’s trade, while his skillful hands move carefully and precisely over the hooves of one of the three or four horses he shoes every day, “if not more”, he points out, without ever abandoning his task.

His lines are always different, and if they are not respected and the animal is badly sawed, it can have very serious problems, because as a very old saying goes, “no legs, no horse”, Fernando assures, “and above all, you should never lose sight of the fact that you are working with a living being that can be seriously harmed if it is not treated well”.

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