How much does it cost to datatag a motorcycle?

Post office car label

ANESDOR, the National Association of Two-Wheeled Sector Companies, has conveyed to the Government the unease of the companies it represents about the lack of solutions regarding the environmental labeling of motorcycles.

Current motorcycles receive the same label, “C”, as those registered in 2007, despite being significantly more sustainable. The sector considers that this detrimental situation faced by both companies and users could be remedied without the need for a general modification for all automotive segments.

To this end, ANESDOR has raised the possibility of Euro5 motorcycles receiving the ECO label, which is currently deserted for this type of vehicle. Another option would be for them to be catalogued under a newly created “D” label.

In ANESDOR’s opinion, the need to modify the classification is imperative considering that in 2023 all municipalities with more than 50,000 inhabitants will have to have a regulation restricting access to city centers.

Which motorcycles are labeled C?

The C label currently covers motorcycles since the Euro3 stage, which was introduced on the market in 2006. Since then, emission limits have been reduced by 60% for carbon monoxides and 71% for hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The solution?

Which motorcycles have a B label?

Label B: Euro 2, registered from 2003. Label C: Euro 3 and Euro 4, registered as of 2007. ECO and zero emissions: Electric motorcycles and mopeds.

How much are the stickers worth?

As reported by, to the standard 5 euros will be added the fee (tax) established by the DGT for “Other authorizations granted by the Agency”. In total, the DGT sticker will cost 10.30 euros in 2021. And additional fees applied by certain establishments cannot be ruled out.

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Apply for a sticker

Motorcycles and mopeds have not been spared from the classification made by the Directorate General of Traffic with the ecological stickers, but in the case of two-wheeled vehicles this classification is not the same as in cars.

The aim is to make a positive discrimination for the most environmentally friendly vehicles, i.e. to favor those that pollute the least, thus penalizing the most polluting ones. The aim is to reduce pollution levels in large cities and improve air quality.

The first step in this classification is the B label, which is assigned to those two-wheeled vehicles that comply with the Euro 2 emissions standard. In other words, we are talking about vehicles from 2003 onwards, specifically 26%.

The first of the ‘good ones’ is the Eco label and is a clear example of how the characteristics of the labels for cars have been extrapolated to motorcycles without taking into account the peculiarities of this type of vehicle. This label is intended for hybrid vehicles, plug-in hybrids with a range in electric mode of less than 40 kilometers and vehicles powered by Natural Gas or LPG.

How do I know if my motorcycle is Euro 2?

Which label corresponds to my motorcycle? Without label: all motorcycles and mopeds that comply only with Euro1 regulations and were registered before 2003. B: Euro2 motorcycles and mopeds registered since 2003. C: Euro3 and Euro4 motorcycles and mopeds registered after 2007.

What does DGT label C mean?

Vehicles with environmental badge C are all those cars and vans powered by gasoline engines, registered since January 2006 and diesel since 2014. Also included in this category are vehicles dedicated to the transport of goods, gasoline or diesel, registered since 2014.

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Which motorcycles can circulate in BCN?

For motorcycles complying with Euro 4 and Euro 3 standards, registered from 2007 onwards. These motorcycles are entitled to the green sticker and most of today’s motorcycles fall into this group. ECO label. For electric and hybrids with less than 40 kilometers of autonomy.

Car energy label

The Traffic sticker, which classifies cars according to their polluting emissions, was only free at first. Now it is purchased, so it is common to hear drivers asking how much the DGT environmental sticker costs.

To access certain areas of some cities (we are talking about Madrid Central, the Low Emission Zone in Barcelona…). Not carrying it means a fine starting at 90 euros (45 euros if paid in the voluntary period). In others, such as Vigo or Madrid, cars without a sticker cannot park in the Regulated Parking Zones (SER).

The official price is five euros. This is what it costs at Correos, the DGT website and other official channels. In other points of sale it may be somewhat more expensive because they add management costs, shipping…

Which motorcycles can circulate in Barcelona 2022?

Cars and motorcycles with B, C, Eco and 0 stickers will be able to circulate without restrictions in the ZBE of Barcelona and the aforementioned metropolitan municipalities in 2022, both during working days and holidays.

Which motorcycles can circulate in Barcelona?

Will be able to circulate: From January 1, 2020: Motorcycles and mopeds (category L) classified as Euro 2 or higher. Passenger cars (M1) classified as electric, gasoline Euro 3 or higher or diesel Euro 4 or higher.

How to get a free environmental badge?

The free shipping of the labels by the DGT was for a limited time, and this campaign has already ended. You can ask for them at Correos. You will have to go to any of the main post offices, presenting your driving license, your ID card and paying 5 euros.

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Environmental labels

The purpose of the DGT sticker for motorcycles is to positively discriminate the most environmentally friendly vehicles and to support municipal policies to combat pollution. In other words, they serve to identify the least polluting cars and motorcycles so that only these can circulate in the center during high pollution episodes. For example, Madrid and Barcelona have plans to restrict the circulation of motorcycles without a label in times of high pollution.

What about the rest of the motorcycles? What about motorcycles that do not meet the requirements of any of the environmental categories?    Motorcycles that do not fall into this category are not entitled to their DGT sticker, limiting their options to circulate in the city when pollution is high.

In Barcelona, the City Council has already warned that it will restrict circulation to the most polluting motorcycles and mopeds in the Zona de Bajas Emisiones Rondas Barcelona during episodes of high air pollution on weekdays. In the Capital, the Madrid Central plan limits the circulation of motorcycles, whether there is pollution or not.