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The purpose of this Order is to publish the offer of training places 2009/2010 and to regulate the selective tests for the access to these training places related to the specialties in Health Sciences listed in sections 1, 2, 3 and 5 of Annex I, of the Royal Decree 183/2008, of February 8, previously mentioned.

As a consequence of the agreement signed within the Human Resources Commission of the National Health System, in this Order of call are selected and offered in training positions by the ordinary system of residence in hospitals belonging to the military health network in order to train civilian personnel in these institutions, which will undoubtedly involve a professional and scientific enrichment for both the National Health System and for the aforementioned institutions attached to the Ministry of Defense.

By virtue thereof, in accordance with the provisions of article 22.2 of Law 44/2003, of November 21, on the organization of the health professions, following reports from the Human Resources Commission of the National Health System and the Ministry of Education, I hereby decree:

How to join Bir?

Applications can be submitted through the Telematic Registry, at the Registry of the National Institute of Public Administration and at the Registry of Government Delegations and Subdelegations. The completed application form must be submitted together with the payment of the fee previously paid.

How to pay MIR fee?

Candidates may pay the fee telematically without having to go to the bank through the telematic process provided for in Section 2.6. In addition, they may pay at any bank, savings bank or credit cooperative of those that act as collaborating entities in tax collection.

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When will the MIR 2022 be held?

This Saturday, January 29th, the MIR 2022 exam will take place. This call has 200 questions plus another 10 reserve questions, 25 more than in previous calls, according to the Ministry of Health. What also changes this time is the time to answer the questions.

Ministry of Health

Through FAQs (frequently asked questions) answers to the most common questions among candidates who aspire to achieve one of the places of Medicine (MIR), Pharmacy (FIR), Nursing (EIR) and the field of Psychology (PIR), Chemistry (QIR), Biology (BIR) and Physics (RFIR) of this call.

– Electronic registration of applications: This is the general system, being mandatory for all persons who have a DNI/NIE. The identification systems admitted for the presentation of the application will be: Recognized electronic certificate of natural person or Permanent [email protected].

The signature systems accepted for submitting the application will be: [email protected] and [email protected] You can find more information at: Pdf The electronic submission of applications will entail the electronic signature of the application and the electronic payment of the examination fee, and the applicant will be responsible for any bank charges and commissions that may arise.

Where can I take the MIR 2022?

MIR 2022: Madrid, the city with the highest number of exam candidates.

When will the BIR exams be released?

In the call for this year 2022, a total of 1,107 candidates will opt for one of the 46 places offered by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health has published this Thursday, December 16, the final list of those admitted to the exam.

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Who can do the BIR?

Who can sit for the BIR exam? Biologists, biochemists, biotechnologists and biotechnologists, and related careers who have completed the corresponding undergraduate or graduate studies at the time of registration for the exam are eligible to sit for the BIR exam.

Form 790.


The University of Caldas grants free registration forms for the 2021-2 Call for Undergraduate Programs to the following populations of Special Applicants from October 4 to November 29, 2021: Applicants under the conditions of Graduates Victims of the armed conflict, Indigenous Communities, Afro-descendant Communities and Best Graduates.

A free registration form will be provided for applicants in this condition, which will be validated before the Unit for the Attention and Integral Reparation of Victims. Only those persons who are recognized as victims of the armed conflict for the victimizing events contemplated in Law 1448 of 2011 will be taken into account, they must submit certification issued by the Unit for the Attention and Integral Reparation of Victims or whoever acts in its stead.

Where are the fees paid?

You can make the payment at any bank, credit union or savings bank. You will simply download the fee, which you will fill out online, sign it, and take it to any bank to make the disbursement. There you will be given a receipt stating that you have paid the relevant amount.

How do I pay the fees for the competitive examinations?

This procedure is carried out through forms such as the 790 or payment letters, which must be paid in person at your bank or electronically if you have an online account with one of the collaborating entities.

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Where do I pay for the EVAU?

Fees can be paid telematically or by going to the banks that work with the administrations. The University Entrance Examination, formerly known as PAU and, before that, Selectividad, is approaching.

Mir 2021

With respect to the feminization of the total number of admitted students, the degree with the least number of women is Physics, with 43.7%. In contrast, Nursing has the most girls, with a percentage of 89.2%, followed by Psychology with 82.8%. The percentage of feminization for Medicine is 64.4%; 68% for Chemistry; 74.2% for Biology and 77.8% for Pharmacy.

Medicine is the degree with the best ratio, taking into account that for Biology the ratio is 24.1 applicants per vacancy, while in Psychology it is 21.7 applicants per vacancy and 4.3 for Nursing.

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