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The Management carries out a set of Corporate Social Responsibility activities seeking a balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions, with positive repercussions on society and reaffirming the principles and values by which the institution is governed, both in its internal processes and in its relationship with stakeholders.

Social Responsibility is the ethical relationship of Management with employees, users and society. Although the benefits obtained from its application are difficult to quantify, we detail the main ethical responsibilities:

The Health Services Management, respectful of the island of Lanzarote: Biosphere Reserve of the Canary Islands, (UNESCO 1993), and aware of the need to incorporate environmental ethics in all its activities, establishes its environmental policy, expressing its willingness to respect and commitment to the environment, and assumes the challenge of working for sustainability in all its dependent centers.

What is eco-efficiency and why is it important?

Eco-efficiency ensures the good use and development of natural resources at the lowest possible environmental cost. In other words, it incorporates a new value to the production of goods and services: sustainability. … The objective is to promote a more respectful, cultured and efficient use of natural resources.

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What does the term corporate eco-efficiency imply?

Eco-efficiency is a management philosophy that encourages companies to seek environmental improvements, in parallel with economic benefits. It focuses on business opportunities, and enables companies to be more environmentally responsible and more profitable.

What is the purpose of corporate social responsibility?

The objective is to guarantee equal opportunities for those vulnerable groups with difficulties in accessing work and developing their work activities. Respect for labor rights. … The promotion of sustainable development.

Business eco-efficiency pdf

The prevention of osteoporosis through nutrition should be present in all stages of life, guaranteeing an adequate intake of calcium and vitamin D, as this ensures proper bone mineralization.

The consumption of fruits and vegetables seems to have a positive influence on the bone system of premenopausal women and elderly people. This could be due to the contribution of potassium, magnesium, vitamin D and beta-carotene (provitamin A). Dietary recommendations in the case of osteoporosis-

Ingest an adequate intake of phosphorus: 800-1,200 mg/day (equivalent to a ration of 150 g of fish, 100 g of cheese, 80 g of almonds or sunflower seeds). An excess of phosphorus can alter the structure of the bone.

What is eco-efficiency and its examples?

Throw away dishwashing wastes before washing them. Reuse shower and sink water for irrigation. Optimize water in the shower, sink and dishwashing. Separate garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable.

What are the benefits of eco-efficiency?

It will reduce the emission of pollutants. You will obtain additional income from recycling and reuse. You will enjoy prestige among distributors and consumers. Maintain a stable work environment.

What does a project seek to achieve eco-efficiency?

Eco-efficiency is based on two pillars: reducing the overexploitation of natural resources (achieving a more sustainable use) and reducing pollution associated with production processes.

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Management tools for eco-efficiency

MAQUILAS We want to be part of your projects providing our experience and high quality standards in nutritious and delicious products. We offer our research and development area to innovate with differential proposals that provide great value to the consumer.

INDUSTRY We provide you with our experience, technology and high quality standards to develop raw materials or formulated products that complement the transformation of your product. From our area we propose and build with our clients foods that aim to satisfy the needs of the final product.

TENDERS We study and analyze responsibly the negotiation forms of any tender applied to food, this is how we build products that can satisfy you with all the standards of quality, quantity, timeliness and technical specifications.

BRANDS Inspired in offering the consumer nutritious products based on the manufacture of natural and integral cereals, we bring to the market responsible brands to delight the palate of those who consume them.

What is an eco-efficiency plan?

Eco-efficiency is a strategy to improve the environmental management of companies and institutions and at the same time generate significant economic savings. … The aim is none other than to avoid duplication, optimize resources and simplify the management of all systems as much as possible.

How is eco-efficiency applied in companies?

Eco-efficiency asks organizations to obtain more value, with lower material and energy consumption and reduced emissions. It applies across the entire organization (from marketing and product development to manufacturing or distribution).

Which companies apply eco-efficiency?

Lindley, Backus, Kimberly Clark, Pluspetrol, Tintaya, Amanco, Movistar, TGP, Barrick, among others.

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