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DSEi, the world’s largest arms fair, takes place in London this September 13, 2011. But arms fairs don’t organize themselves. A lot of work goes into inviting the right mix of despots and dealers. So who puts on DSEi?

You can also read stuff about their “core values of Passion, Caring, Imagination and Trust,” expressed through their “Helping Our World Scheme” and “healthy incentives like fruit baskets and Pilates classes” for staff. Unfortunately, their “teamwork at both local and community level” in London’s docklands, home of the DSEi arms fair, cost the police £630,000 in 2009 when the ExCel center became a militarized zone and anti-terrorism legislation was used against protesters.

This month, Clarion’s flagship project, the DSEi arms fair, opens on September 13. “Stop The Arms Fair” has called for a day of action on the first day of the fair. Clarion may reap huge profits from the arms trade, but it is ordinary people around the world who pay the price. On the Stop The Arms Fair website, you can find everything you need to know to take action – get involved and stop Clarion’s war profits for good!

Is dsei every year? 2021

The second edition of the International Fair of Defense and Security (Feindef) returns to IFEMA from November 3 to 5, and SAES will be present as a sponsor of INNOVATION. The MIRS system, which measures the different multi-influence signatures of ships, as well as their maritime safety devices, will be on display at the stand.

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This technology is also applied to maritime safety devices such as MINEA, a product that SAES is also exhibiting at Feindef: a multipurpose system that provides a complete solution to all activities related to mining and counter-mining operations.

Three women with managerial positions in SAES have been professional mentors and have guided the young engineers in their access to the working world: Cristina Abad, general manager of SAES and engineer in Automation and Industrial Electronics; Sara García, manager of Digital Transformation and engineer in Telecommunications; and Esther Corbalán, manager of Human Resources and graduate in Mathematics.

Is dsei every year? del momento

As for holding two more shows dedicated to counterterrorism alongside DSEI, Tracy Bebbington, event director of one of them, CTX (Counter Terror Expo), explains that, given that many CTX attendees often travel to the show from overseas, “we have decided that there is a strong crossover audience between CTX and DSEI attendees that we could leverage to hold three events in one in 2021 to allow our attendees to take advantage of the business opportunities we will offer.

Is dsei every year? en línea

It presents the portable MIRS (Multi Influence Range System), a multi-influence signature measurement system for surface ships and submarines. This system is used to measure the noise of ships and has important applications in the defense and environmental sector.

SAES participates as a co-exhibitor with Navantia in the international security and defense equipment exhibition DSEI, held in London from September 14 to 17, where it shows its customized high-tech solutions for the civil and military markets.

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