What do DEWALT part numbers mean?


The temptation to buy a DeWalt tool at these prices is not alien to anyone. And more than once we’ve hesitated. Maybe once you’ve fallen for it. But unfortunately, even though you get a drill, it’s not from the American brand.

Another easy way to identify DeWalt’s cheat copies is the logo. Although there are some models that do not have this logo, most of them do. The American brand usually puts the logo in relief, that is to say, it is marked and it is noticeable to the touch. On the other hand, “cheat” drills usually have only a decal or sticker. This sticker is sometimes even of very poor quality, or the name is poorly printed. It may even be removed and reveal another logo underneath.

It is also valid to consider the weight. It is not necessary to have a scale, but fake DeWalt copies are usually much lighter than an original. Something similar happens with the terminations. It is hard to explain, but the counterfeit copies have a very simple, plain finish, a very smooth and shiny plastic.

How to know if a Dewalt is original?

The U.S. brand usually has the logo embossed, i.e., it is marked and noticeable to the touch. On the other hand, “cheat” drills usually have only a decal or sticker. This sticker is sometimes even of very poor quality, or the name is poorly printed.

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What is the Dewalt SKU?

The SKU (Stock Reference) is a unique code assigned to a product to identify it. It is used to track your inventory.

Where are Dewalt tools manufactured?

Located in Trmice in the Czech Republic is the largest DeWALT factory in Europe. The name by which this factory is known is: Usti Factory.

Catalogue dewalt 2020 pdf

The tools we have at home in our toolbox such as dewalt dt5923 19 piece metal drill bit in cassette, dewalt dt4956 set of 6 cobalt drill bits in cassette or dewalt dck654p3t 18v li ion battery set of 6 pieces are often not taken care of as they should be, yet they are very useful for jobs such as hanging pictures or simply building furniture. First time home renters may likewise borrow or adopt a tool case from a family member and, from time to time, it becomes apparent when tools have taken a lot of abuse since we’ve owned them and can be bad for the job. Typically, if the use of a DIY tool for the residence becomes a diversion or starts to get excessive use over a short period, then it may be time to invest in one that will stand the test of time.

In our great range of dewalt dt5923 19 piece metal drill bit in cassette items you are sure to find what you are looking for. Whether you’re a contractor with your own equipment or a sole trader, you’ll find that when it comes to your technical requirements, we can’t be beaten.

How to register a product with Dewalt?


The product must be registered by the DEWALT user within a maximum of 4 weeks from the date of purchase at www.DEWALT.es/3. (User data, machine model, serial number and date of manufacture are required).

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Where do you make DeWalt drills?

In addition to Charlotte, DEWALT operates plants in New Britain, Connecticut; Greenfield, Indiana; Hampstead, Maryland; Shelbyville, Kentucky; Cheraw, South Carolina; and Jackson, Tennessee.

What is a SKU and examples?

SKUs (item codes) are codes that you can use internally to track your inventory and generate reports on your sales. For example, you can use the Sales by Product Variant SKU report to help you analyze your sales.


Every week they unload about 150 vehicles with material to be able to continue manufacturing 7 days a week 24 hours a day (except for two weeks in summer and two weeks in winter).The most amazing thing of all is that they have a stock accuracy of 99.7%, which gives them some security to be able to have everything more than controlled. On top of that, they have a stock of about 7 thousand individual components stored in order to be able to manufacture everything the buyers require.

As in all factories, in each run of machines they manufacture, they perform a series of tests to check that everything is correct. You can see how the machines and the remains of the materials are left after the tests have been carried out:

Where do I find the SKU of a product?

SKU is the unique reference number of a product, as registered in the company’s system.

What is a product SKU?

SKU or Stock Keeping Unit codes are one of the fundamental elements to control and manage stock in the warehouse. SKU is the unique reference number of a product, as registered in the company’s system.

What is DeWalt’s second brand?

Black & Decker also merged in 2010 with Stanley, forming Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. This company is a conglomerate of brands worldwide.

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A drill is basically a tool that has among its parts a rotating accessory. Normally, this accessory is a drill bit, but it can also be a drill bit, a screwdriver, a paint stirrer or a sanding stone. Drill bits make it possible to drill holes in wood, plastic, stone, granite, cement, concrete, light metals and even some types of iron and steel.

There are dozens of drills available on the market for all budgets and with different features, so a guide to buying the right drill is always a useful resource.

In other words, do we want the drill for drilling masonry, for occasional use in home decorating, for an occasional repair or DIY job, or for building a deck, for example?

So, generally speaking, unless we have to do heavy masonry or other construction work, a mid-priced cordless drill will suffice and will also work not only for drilling in wood, plastic and light metals, but also as a screwdriver/screwdriver.