What happens at an arms fair?

A gun show in the aftermath of the Las Vegas tragedy.

Having such a variety of participants has led to an assortment of creative and humorous actions, including the “supervillain picket at the Gun Show,” since the center where the show is held also hosts regular science fiction conventions. This picket included a Dalek from the Doctor Who series reminding people of their rights in case of arrest. In addition there were numerous instances of like-minded groups working together to place blocking elements. For example, while police removed a road closure during a blockade organized by religious groups, others were rappelling from a nearby bridge to block another road.

At this point, the arms industry assumes that its activities are, in fact, legitimate, but it is partly because most people rarely think about its existence or how it works, if they ever think about it at all. Taking action against events like the DSEI allows us to “target” and call attention to the arms trade, and thus question its legitimacy and prevent it from developing. A few weeks before the fair began, the newly elected mayor of London, Sadiq Khan claimed to want DSEI banned, but that he lacked the power to do so himself.

The biggest Gun Show in Miami

Seville and Liverpool, with an example of civility, and thanks to citizen protest have managed to avoid being the venues of a military technology fair “defense”, Electronic Warfare Europe. It will not happen in Madrid. Or not this time. We have asked to meet with the municipal and regional political groups, and none of them has answered. They will regret, of course, what the media will regret when the businesses closed in FEINDEF materialize. The important thing is that the link between sellers and buyers of weapons and the victims is not established.A Manifesto to sign If you have read this far, and want to sign the Manifesto that Desarma Madrid has written, individually, or on behalf of a group to which you belong and agree, we would appreciate it. As it always happens with the viscous military issue, the fact that this is being talked about is already a step forward.

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Just a few days after the announcement of the state majority in the shareholding of the so-called ‘bad bank’, the entity continues to make promises to the tenants in front of the gallery while behind its back its intermediary is dedicated to claiming non-existent debts and opening legal proceedings to force them to abandon their homes.

Virtual Verbena Popular. 210th Anniversary of the Cry of Independence

The fair takes place in a large building in Miami, just a scant hour’s drive from the school that was just the scene of one of the worst massacres in recent U.S. history.

“We want to acknowledge the city of Parkland, especially the students and teachers at the school who were senselessly killed. We mean no disrespect or disrespect to sensitivitywith this long-planned event.”

Inside, a huge display of firearms of different types and calibers, telescopic sights, camouflage clothing, knives, machetes, and a long etcetera of combat accessories for the enjoyment of lead lovers.

Not far from Bill’s stand is Pawn & Gun Shop, the business of Domingo Martin, the Miami-born son of Cubans. He explains that the cheapest he can offer is a .22 caliber Jimenez pistol, which costs $119.

For many of the participants in this exhibition, guns are also more than just fire-spitting machines, they are the quintessence of the national spirit. And any restriction would be an unbearable mutilation of that sacred commodity.

Military Civic Parade: 211th Anniversary of the Cry of Independence

Condit and her fiancé, Colin Gallagher, a former star of the reality shooting show Top Shot, already have “about 200” guns, but are looking for the next ones with which to expand their collection. “We have rifles, shotguns, handguns. Any one you can think of we’ll probably have,” assures Condit, who has a Firearms = LOVE page on Pinterest.

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Guns are big business and the industry is making record sales and profits. People are rushing to arm themselves after a series of mass shootings and out of fear of increased gun control regulation. The gun boom has led Wall Street analyst Brian Ruttenbur to call Barack Obama “the ultimate gun salesman.” The president announced earlier this month a battery of executive orders to tighten regulation of gun sales.

Demand has grown so much that Stephen Morris, assistant director of the FBI, warned of a “perfect storm” and canceled the vacation of 400 NICS officials for Black Friday, when the system crashed with a record 185,345 applications in a single day.